Math and Art: An Introduction to Visual Mathematics, 2nd Edition

Math and Art: An Introduction to Visual Mathematics, 2nd Edition

English | 2022 | ISBN: 978-0367076139 | 386 Pages | PDF | 207 MB

Math and Art: An Introduction to Visual Mathematics explores the potential of mathematics to generate visually appealing objects and reveals some of the beauty of mathematics. It includes numerous illustrations, computer-generated graphics, photographs, and art reproductions to demonstrate how mathematics can inspire or generate art.

Focusing on accessible, visually interesting, and mathematically relevant topics, the text unifies mathematics subjects through their visual and conceptual beauty. Sequentially organized according to mathematical maturity level, each chapter covers a cross section of mathematics, from fundamental Euclidean geometry, tilings, and fractals to hyperbolic geometry, platonic solids, and topology. For art students, the book stresses an understanding of the mathematical background of relatively complicated yet intriguing visual objects. For science students, it presents various elegant mathematical theories and notions.


  • Provides an accessible introduction to mathematics in art
  • Supports the narrative with a self-contained mathematical theory, with complete proofs of the main results (including the classification theorem for similarities)
  • Presents hundreds of figures, illustrations, computer-generated graphics, designs, photographs, and art reproductions, mainly presented in full color
  • Includes 21 projects and approximately 280 exercises, about half of which are fully solved
  • Covers Euclidean geometry, golden section, Fibonacci numbers, symmetries, tilings, similarities, fractals, cellular automata, inversion, hyperbolic geometry, perspective drawing, Platonic and
  • Archimedean solids, and topology

New to the Second Edition

  • New exercises, projects and artworks
  • Revised, reorganized and expanded chapters
  • More use of color throughout