Mastering Prometheus: Gain expert tips to monitoring your infrastructure, applications, and services

Mastering Prometheus: Gain expert tips to monitoring your infrastructure, applications, and services

English | 2024 | ISBN: 978-1805125662 | 310 Pages | PDF, EPUB | 13 MB

Learn how to effectively implement, manage, and optimize Prometheus for monitoring your systems

Key Features

  • Achieve high availability with Prometheus by using Thanos
  • Integrate Prometheus into your broader observability stack with OpenTelemetry
  • Tweak, tune, and debug Prometheus to reliably scale without limits

With an increased focus on observability and reliability, establishing a scalable and reliable monitoring environment is more important than ever. Over the last decade, Prometheus has emerged as the leading open-source, time-series based monitoring software catering to this demand. This book is your guide to scaling, operating, and extending Prometheus from small on-premises workloads to multi-cloud globally distributed workloads and everything in between.

Starting with an introduction to Prometheus and its role in observability, the book provides a walkthrough of its deployment. You’ll explore Prometheus’s query language and TSDB data model, followed by dynamic service discovery for monitoring targets and refining alerting through custom templates and formatting. The book then demonstrates horizontal scaling of Prometheus via sharding and federation, while equipping you with debugging techniques and strategies to fine-tune data ingestion. Advancing through the chapters, you’ll manage Prometheus at scale through CI validations and templating with Jsonnet, and integrate Prometheus with other projects such as OpenTelemetry, Thanos, VictoriaMetrics, and Mimir.

By the end of this book, you’ll have practical knowledge of Prometheus and its ecosystem, which will help you discern when, why, and how to scale it to meet your ever-growing needs.

What you will learn

  • Deploy Prometheus and Node Exporter to public clouds and Kubernetes
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of how Prometheus’s underlying code works
  • Build your own custom service-discovery providers for Prometheus
  • Debug Prometheus performance issues to identify cardinality issues in your environment
  • Use VictoriaMetrics and/or Grafana Mimir for remote storage of Prometheus data
  • Define and implement SLO-based alerting