WordPress: Contact Forms

WordPress: Contact Forms
WordPress: Contact Forms

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As a maker of WordPress-powered websites, you’ve likely needed to create and add many contact forms. In this course, take a closer look at the task of creating contact forms for your WordPress site. Using three different plugins—Jetpack, Ninja Forms, and Gravity Forms—instructor Patrick Rauland walks through the process of setting up and configuring each plugin, working with the advanced features in each option, and receiving form submissions. Contact forms are a must-have for any WordPress-powered website, and these plugins—which range from simple and free to complex and pricey—can do a lot more than just ask for names, addresses, and messages. Unleash the power of contact forms, and find the plugin that’s right for you.

Topics include:

  • Choosing the right plugin for you
  • Best practices with forms
  • Mitigating email deliverability problems
  • Using Jetpack, Ninja Forms, and Gravity Forms
  • Creating and adding a basic form
  • Creating extra fields
  • Using conditional logic in your form
  • Creating a landing page
+ Table of Contents

1 Get input from your audience
2 What you need to know
3 Choosing the right plugin
4 Best practices with forms
5 GDPR and data privacy
6 Understanding email deliverability
7 Tracking contact forms
8 Installing the Jetpack contact form
9 Adding a basic contact form
10 Creating extra fields
11 Configuring email notifications
12 Activating Akismet for spam protection
13 Viewing and exporting form submissions
14 Success messages and redirects
15 Installing Ninja Forms
16 Adding a basic contact form
17 Configuring actions and emails
18 Ninja mail
19 Configuring settings
20 Viewing submissions
21 Newsletters for Ninja Forms
22 Creating a form for a newsletter
23 Layout and styles for Ninja Forms
24 Purchasing and installing Gravity Forms
25 Adding a basic contact form
26 Accepting guest posts
27 Configuring emails and messages
28 Viewing submissions
29 Use conditional logic in your form
30 Extending Gravity Forms
31 Create a form for a landing page
32 Create a landing page
33 Next steps