WordPress: Building Child Themes 2019

WordPress: Building Child Themes 2019
WordPress: Building Child Themes 2019

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eLearning | Skill level: Intermediate

Learning how to create a child theme is the first step to becoming a WordPress developer. Child themes are a great entry point, as they’re built on top of an existing theme with a properly coded foundation. The skills you use during development are the same ones you leverage for writing brand-new themes and plugins. Learn how to use child themes to create your own custom, stylish new WordPress sites—without the advanced knowledge of a web developer. Instructor Patrick Rauland explains how to get started picking a parent theme, updating the CSS, creating a new template for your child theme, and updating its functionality. By the end of this practical, project-based course, you should have a functioning child theme and the skills to quickly customize your next WordPress site.

Topics include:

  • Setting up your development environment and editor
  • Picking a parent theme
  • Creating a child theme
  • Including style sheets
  • Creating and modifying styles
  • Modifying functions
  • Hooking functions
  • Creating and modifying template files
  • Adding menus and functionality
  • Migrating theme files to a live WordPress site
+ Table of Contents

1 Level up to WordPress developer
2 What you need to know
3 Using the exercise files
4 Set up a local development environment
5 Set up a code editor
6 Use real content
7 What is a child theme
8 Picking a parent theme
9 Creating and activating a child theme
10 Including stylesheets
11 Best practices for including stylesheets
12 Employing the laziness principle
13 Designing in the browser
14 Modify existing styles
15 Add new styles
16 Challenge Add flair
17 Solution Add flair
18 Understanding functions.php
19 Finding functions in the parent theme
20 Modify a pluggable function
21 Hooks, filters, and action
22 Filter a function
23 Hooking functions
24 Challenge Change posted by
25 Solution Change posted by
26 Template hierarchy in WordPress
27 Changing an existing template
28 Add new template files
29 Managing backward compatibility
30 Challenge Custom 404 page
31 Solution Custom 404 page
32 Finding existing functionality
33 Add a menu
34 Change menu output with properties
35 Style new menu with CSS
36 Challenge Conditional widgetized area
37 Solution Conditional widgetized area
38 Shiny new web fonts
39 Adding a screenshot
40 Migrating files to your live site
41 Next steps