WordPress: Building Apps with Angular

WordPress: Building Apps with Angular
WordPress: Building Apps with Angular

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The WordPress content management system can provide a solid foundation for applications built with Angular, the popular front-end framework. WordPress REST API services mesh smoothly with the expectations of Angular, giving developers the opportunity to create single-page applications that provide a sophisticated window on content stored in WordPress. In this course, join instructor Roy Sivan as he showcases how easy it is to build Angular applications—powered by WordPress—when using the Angular CLI. Discover how to create an Angular WordPress theme, a plugin, and a headless app that displays data from a WordPress website.

Topics include:

  • Why Angular and WordPress?
  • Setting up the Angular CLI and WordPress locally
  • Creating services for modular code
  • Creating app routes
  • Creating Angular services and components
  • Creating your search form
  • Creating a new Angular app
  • Extending with EZ Data
+ Table of Contents

1 Welcome
2 What you need to know
3 Exercise files

Angular WordPress Theme
4 Why Angular and WordPress
5 Set up Angular CLI and WordPress locally
6 Create the child theme
7 Create the app page
8 Enqueue the scripts
9 REST API routes and endpoints with ACF
10 Creating services for modular code
11 Creating our blog listing page
12 Creating app routes
13 Creating our blog detail page
14 Creating our page detail page
15 Slug vs. ID
16 Fix WordPress redirect
17 Use as a headless site

Angular WordPress Plug-in
18 Creating a plug-in and Angular app
19 Enqueuing the scripts and renaming
20 Creating Angular services
21 Creating Angular components
22 Creating our search form
23 Handling our search event
24 Displaying results

Headless WordPress App
25 Intro and installing plug-in
26 Overview of WAR library
27 Create new Angular app
28 Create REST API service and methods
29 App component
30 App template
31 Extend with EZ Data

32 Next steps

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