Windows 10: Security

Windows 10: Security

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Whether you are upgrading or starting with a new operating system out of the box, give yourself the peace of mind that your system will be secure by taking a few necessary actions. In this course, Martin Guidry guides you through each essential security step. Martin takes you through familiar ground, such as standard account setup with accounts, authorization, user groups, and permissions. He also takes you through unfamiliar territory like enhanced features and new products, examining BitLocker, Encrypting File System (EFS), Windows Defender, IPsec, and VPN. Martin shows you how to protect your computer from a network attack, apply security policies in Group Policy, use remote desktop, and more. He gives you step-by-step walkthroughs, in addition to best practice discussions.

Table of Contents

1 Where to learn more about Windows 10 security

2 Windows 10 security overview
3 What you should know before starting
4 About this update

1. Authentication and Accounts
5 Overview of authentication and accounts
6 Working with local accounts in Windows 10
7 Working with Microsoft accounts in Windows 10
8 Working with domain accounts in Windows 10
9 Working with Azure accounts in Windows 10

2. Authorization
10 Overview of authorization
11 Understanding inheritance of permissions
12 Assigning permissions
13 Creating and using groups
14 Working with built-in groups

3. Encryption
15 Overview of encryption
16 Using BitLocker
17 Using Encrypting File System (EFS)
18 Encrypting files for the cloud

4. Viruses and Malware
19 Virus and malware overview
20 Exploring antimalware solutions
21 Windows Defender Virus and threat protection
22 Windows Defender Device performance and health
23 Windows Defender Firewall and network protection
24 Windows Defender App and browser control
25 Windows Defender Application guard
26 Windows Defender Endpoints

5. Network Security
27 Securing network traffic by using IPsec
28 Using VPN in Windows 10

6. Group Policy
29 Overview of Group Policy
30 Applying security settings by using Group Policy
31 Using Group Policy to audit actions in Window 10
32 Using Group Policy to harden Windows 10

7. Remote Desktop
33 Basic configuration of Remote Desktop
34 Advanced Remote Desktop configuration using Group Policy
35 Allowing Remote Desktop through firewall
36 Changing listening port for Remote Desktop

8. Additional Security Considerations
37 Controlling updates for Windows 10
38 Browsing the web securely with Edge
39 Secure Boot
40 Enabling controlled folder access