Web Scraping In Python: Master The Fundamentals

Web Scraping In Python: Master The Fundamentals
Web Scraping In Python: Master The Fundamentals

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Master web scraping with Python

Web scraping is the art of picking out data from a website by looking at the HTML code and identifying patterns that can be used to identify your data. This data can then be gathered and later used for your own analysis.

In this course we will go over the basic of web scraping and crawling, learning all about how we can extract data from websites, and all of this is guided along by a work example.

At the end of the course you should be able to go off on your own, and pick out most common websites, and be able to extract all the relevant data you may need just through using Python code.

What you’ll learn

  • Tackle new challenges by understand the underlying method/approach to take
  • Scrape static webpages
  • Be able to scrape websites that use Javascript
  • Extract all sorts of data from websites
  • Know what to look for and how to approach parsing a website
  • Gather data from all over the internet
  • Use recursion algorithms to search through website content
+ Table of Contents

Prerequisite knowledge
1 Introduction
2 APIs
3 Prerequisite Libraries
4 Introduction to The Modulus Operation
5 Introduction to Simple Error Handling
6 Introduction to Pandas

Static Data ExtractionWeb Scraping
7 Response Status Codes From a HTTP Request
8 Getting Data For All Parsed Companies
9 Final Data For All Parsed Companies
10 Final Result
11 Reading The Response Text From Our Request
12 First Approach at Parsing The Data
13 Understanding the Exception Cases
14 Parsing Out All Data for One Company
15 Determining Where We Can Get More Ticker Symbols
16 Extracting Company Ticker Symbols Part 1
17 Extracting Company Ticker Symbols Part 2

Scraping Websites That Load Data With Javascript
18 Prerequisite Libraries
19 Parsing Out Our Data
20 Getting Our Final Data
21 Final Results
22 Short review Recursive Functions
23 Update For Webdriver To Use
24 Getting started with Selenium
25 View The Page Source
26 Website Elements and XPath
27 Navigating Deeper Into The Page Source
28 Identifying The Path To Our Data
29 Using The XPath To Our Data

Additional Web Scraping Techniques
30 Adding Text Into A Form
31 Pressing Buttons And Navigating On Site Pop-Ups

APIs overview
32 Introduction To APIs