Web Scraping APIs for Data Science 2021 | PostgreSQL+Excel

Web Scraping APIs for Data Science 2021 | PostgreSQL+Excel

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From Beginner to Advanced | 4 Hands-On Projects

In this course the students will get to know how to scrape data from the API of a website (if available). We start with the fundamentals and the beginner level project. After that, two different projects will be covered, followed by the advanced project. After scraping data of wach project, the results will be stored inside an Excel file. Within the advanced level project we will create two dofferent datasets with 5000 results each. The goal is to merge both dataframes (total: 10000 results), save it in Excel and output the data in the PostgreSQL database and run SQL commands on our own data.

The requirement for this course is basic knowledge of Python Programming. Since we will not cover very difficult Python topics you do not have to be a professional. The most important characteristic is that you are curious about Web Scraping and Data Mining. You should be ready to invest time in gaining the knowledge which is taught in this course.

After this course you will have the knowledge and the experience to scrape your own data and create your own dataset. With the help of the course resources you will always have documents you can refer to. If you have a question or if a concept just does not make sense to you, you can ask your questions anytime inside the Q&A – Forum. Either the instructor or other students will answer your question. Thanks to the community you will never have the feeling to learn alone by yourself.

What you’ll learn

  • web scraping
  • data extraction
  • data mining
  • create your own dataset
  • output data in Excel
  • output your dataframe in PostgreSQL
  • run SQL commands on your dataframe
Table of Contents

1 Course Overview & Introduction
2 Addition to Course Overview
3 Before you start

Fundamentals & Project # 1 – Beginner Level
4 Install necessary libraries
5 Fundamentals & Project # 1 (Part 1 2)
6 Fundamentals & Project # 1 (Part 2 2)

Project # 2 – Intermediate Level
7 Project Overview & Understanding the website’s API
8 Find the necessary Data
9 Extract Data from Single Page
10 Extract Data from Multiple Pages + Excel

Project # 3 – BONUS SECTION -Infinite Scroll Website – Intemediate Level
11 Project Overview & Requests
12 Find your Data
13 Extract Data from One Page
14 Extract Data from 10 Pages

Project #4 – Advanced Level Project + PostgreSQL
15 Project Overview
16 New York Data – Set Up & Python Request
17 New York Data – Find your Data
18 New York Data – Extract Data from One Page
19 New York Data – Extract 5000 results
20 San Francisco Data – Extract 5000 results
21 Combine Dataframes & Excel
22 Install PostgreSQL
23 Connect Jupyter Notebook with PostgreSQL & Run SQL – Commands