Vert.x in Action: Asynchronous and Reactive Java

Vert.x in Action: Asynchronous and Reactive JavaReviews
Author: Julien Ponge
Pub Date: 2020
ISBN: 978-1617295621
Pages: 336
Language: English
Format: PDF/EPUB
Size: 45 Mb


As enterprise applications become larger and more distributed, new architectural approaches like reactive designs, microservices, and event streams are required knowledge. The Vert.x framework provides a mature, rock-solid toolkit for building reactive applications using Java, Kotlin, or Scala. Vert.x in Action teaches you to build responsive, resilient, and scalable JVM applications with Vert.x using well-established reactive design patterns.
Vert.x is a collection of libraries for the Java virtual machine that simplify event-based and asynchronous programming. Vert.x applications handle tedious tasks like asynchronous communication, concurrent work, message and data persistence, plus they’re easy to scale, modify, and maintain. Backed by the Eclipse Foundation and used by Red Hat and others, this toolkit supports code in a variety of languages.
Vert.x in Action teaches you how to build production-quality reactive applications in Java. This book covers core Vert.x concepts, as well as the fundamentals of asynchronous and reactive programming. Learn to develop microservices by using Vert.x tools for database communications, persistent messaging, and test app resiliency. The patterns and techniques included here transfer to reactive technologies and frameworks beyond Vert.x.
What’s inside

  • Building reactive services
  • Responding to external service failures
  • Horizontal scaling
  • Vert.x toolkit architecture and Vert.x testing
  • Deploying with Docker and Kubernetes