Using Spring and Angular for Web Application

Using Spring and Angular for Web Application
Using Spring and Angular for Web Application

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Using frontend and backend integration to create your messaging application

This course teaches you how to use Angular and Spring to create a fully working messaging web application. The first sections of this course are about frontend technologies; here, you will learn advanced concept of Angular such as routing, observables, material design, and how to use it to create a messaging/notification component.

In the second section, we focus on the backend part; after completing it, you will know how to use Spring 5 to develop a Web Socket notification service. In the third section, we bring together the concepts of the previous two sections to create a messaging/notification application. The last section covers tools that will help you to publish and maintain your application in production.

Finally, you will also learn the new features of Angular 5. By the end of the course, you’ll be ready to launch your own creations into the World.

What You Will Learn

  • Build a high-quality message/notification component in Angular
  • Work with different Angular components like Subject and Observables
  • Integrate Angular Material Design
  • Test Angular Components using Jasmine
  • Build a message/notification service in Spring
  • Integrate Angular and Spring to build messaging application
  • Package and Distribute the App
  • Explore the new features of Angular 5
+ Table of Contents

01 The Course Overview
02 Routing
03 Observable
04 Angular Material Design
05 Angular Unit Tests with Jasmine
06 Spring Boot 2.0
07 Spring WebSocket
08 Spring Unit Tests
09 Creating a Live Messaging Application Backend with Spring 5
10 Creating a Live Messaging Application Frontend with Angular
11 Creating a Live Messaging Application Tests with Spring
12 Package Manager and NPM
13 Test Coverage and Istanbul
14 Continuous Integration and Travis
15 Deploy and GitHub Pages
16 Angular 5 New Features

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