Using Generative AI to Secure the Network

Using Generative AI to Secure the Network

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Are you intrigued by the idea of using generative AI to transform network security and stay ahead of cyber threats? In this course, Lisa Bock shows how gen AI can revolutionize your security strategy. Lisa starts with an overview of available tools and a discussion on ways generative pre-trained transformers (GTP) can improve your workflow. She outlines how gen AI can assist with monitoring threats along with the best approach to assess vulnerabilities, and explains how to stay ahead of malicious actors and safeguard your critical data. In addition, learn how gen AI can ferret out phishing red flags and clues that indicate malicious intent along with ways to promote secure browsing. Finally, gain practical experience using gen AI, as Lisa guides you through case studies representing a scenario you might encounter when securing your network, along with a tabletop exercise on negotiating during a ransomware attack.

Table of Contents

1 Optimizing your workflow with GenAI
2 Discovering resources

Security in the Cloud
3 Security in the cloud
4 Shared responsibility model
5 Well-architected framework
6 AWS cloud security, governance, and compliance concepts

Access Management
7 Providing access in AWS
8 Identity access management (IAM)
9 Principle of least privilege
10 Keeping accounts secured

Assess Vulnerabilities
11 Using GenAI for vulnerability analysis
12 Simulating attacks using GenAI
13 Developing security training with GenAI
14 Tabletop exercise Negotiating a ransomware attack

Securing Email and Web
15 Identifying dangerous emails
16 Training exercise Detecting phishing emails
17 Browsing securely

18 What’s next