Unreal 5 Stealth Combat: Make Stealth Games in UE5 Blueprint

Unreal 5 Stealth Combat: Make Stealth Games in UE5 Blueprint

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Build your own 3rd person stealth combat game, complete playable map, alarm hazards, obstacles, enemies &more!

Are you looking to level up your game development skills and take your projects to the next level?

Do you like games like Assassin’s Creed?

Take your skills from beginner to advanced, while learning to organise and scale larger projects. You’ll learn how to use the latest technologies in Unreal 5, like MetaHumans, Quixel, Niagara, Behavior trees, and much more.

This course has everything you need to know, from start to finish, to create an Assassin’s Creed like stealth combat game.

Even if you’re not interested in stealth combat style games, these skills are super transferable to other types of games.

You’ll use Unreal Blueprints to create a 3rd person stealth combat game. You’ll create your own playable map, complete with alarm hazards, obstacles, intractables, enemies AND a local leaderboard to show the quickest map completion times!

So if you’ve already used Unreal and are looking to develop greater skills inside the engine. Or you’ve always wanted to create your own ‘Assassins Creed’ like combat stealth game. Or you’re simply looking to fully complete a whole project within the engine. This is the course for you!

What you’ll learn

  • An in-depth look at using Blueprints in Unreal to create a 3rd person player controller.
  • How to use the latest technologies in Unreal 5, like MetaHumans, Quixel, Niagara, Behavior trees, and much more.
  • Create an enemy AI to interact with the player as we navigate around a map.
  • Level blockout and level design.
  • Merging animations to get our 3rd person player controller smoothly navigating around different terrain.
  • A sensor detection system for the alarms.
  • An interaction interface to interact with some objects.
Table of Contents

Introduction Setup
1 Welcome To The Course
2 Project Setup
3 Community Support
4 Accessing Our Projects

Player Creation
5 Section Intro Player Creation
6 Player Blueprint
7 Player Input and Movement
8 Character Animations

Sensors and Alarm
9 Section Intro Sensors and Alarm
10 Alarm Setup
11 Parent Sensor
12 Rotative Sensor
13 Rotative Sensor Model
14 Bar Sensor
15 Sensor Lever
16 Interaction Interface
17 Lever Logic

Stealth Combat
18 Section Intro Stealth Combat
19 Crouch Locomotion Blendspace
20 Crouch Locomotion State
21 Crouch Locomotion Logic
22 Crouch Capsule Collider Shrink
23 Uncrouch Obstacle Detection
24 Dummy Setup
25 Takedown Animations
26 Guard Blueprint Interface
27 Dummy Takedown Logic
28 Player Takedown Logic

Enemy Guard AI
29 Section Intro Enemy Guard AI
30 Guard AI Setup
31 AI Chase Player
32 AI Catch
33 AI Perception Sight
34 AI Catch Trace
35 Captured Fade Screen
36 Guard Alarm Trigger
37 Background and Escaping Music
38 Dodge Roll
39 Waypoint Patrol System
40 Sensor Detection Meter Widget
41 Sensor Detection Meter Time
42 Sensor Detection Widget Update
43 Sensor Detection Exit

44 Section Intro Environment
45 Level Blockout
46 Level Expansion
47 AI Guard Patrol Waypoints
48 Mantle Calculations
49 Mantle Animations
50 Mantle Motion Warping
51 Mantle System Polish
52 Night Sky
53 Import Megascans
54 Add Megascans To Level
55 Metahumans
56 Rain Niagara System
57 Rainy Clouds Nigara System

58 Section Intro Polish
59 Falling and Land States
60 Captured Menu
61 Pause Menu
62 Main Menu
63 Escape Timer
64 Leaderboard UI
65 Escape Widget and Trigger
66 Steal Jewel
67 Leaderboard Save System

Wrap Up
68 Outro