The Ultimate Javascript Manual 2019

The Ultimate Javascript Manual 2019
Author: Dan Peel
Pub Date: 2019
ISBN: n/a
Pages: 180
Language: English
Format: PDF
Size: 114 Mb


The internet as we know it wouldn’t really work without JavaScript. In this guide from the makers of net magazine, we explore the tools and technologies powering JavaScript today. Over the next 175 jam-packed pages you’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about the most important programming language in the world.
There’s a bumper Frameworks chapter, with in-depth tutorials on some of the most popular JavaScript platforms. In the UI & RWD section you’ll discover how to build cutting-edge page layouts and innovative interfaces, and in the Animation chapter you’ll learn how to bring your creations to life by adding movement. And if all that interaction sounds like it’s going to add up to a painfully slow site, fear not — there are also tutorials showing you how to keep your pages smooth and fast-loading.
Finally, there’s a chapter dedicated to VR and the Internet of Things. Take a peek and start exploring the future of JavaScript today. And that’s not all! We’ve also thrown ina gallery of the most inspiring JavaScript-powered websites around to spark your creativity. Happy coding!