The Ultimate Developer Guide : Become a Pro Ruby Programmer

The Ultimate Developer Guide : Become a Pro Ruby Programmer
The Ultimate Developer Guide : Become a Pro Ruby Programmer

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The ultimate guide to learn the object-oriented language Ruby from real world programs

Ruby is a fun toy and language and it’s also a serious programming language,became a prgrammer is a combination of scientist and artist.

In this course you will learn the ultimate and complete guide to build programs that increase your skills working on the Ruby language.

We will post excercises that challenge to our students and improve their programming skills,this will help them to master :

(1) Logic and object-oriented programming

(2) Ruby language

(3) Learn to solve problems in more than one way.

Course Description

You’ll learn the foundations of an object-oriented language like Ruby,if you have experience with programming you can jump and go directly to the excercises, but we receive feedback from experts that learn things or understand what they programm automatically but without understand what they program.

Content and Overview

This course is good for beginners,we ensure to get totally understood and want you understand the logic and foundations behind any line of code.

The students who finish this course will not just learn Ruby and create functional anduseful programs and applications, they will learn to THINK , for us this is more important,we want that you learn to solve problems in more than one way and we´re looking for more and more problems and excercise to improve your programming and solving problem skills.

What I´m going to learn from this course?

  • Learn Ruby programming language
  • Learn the best Object-Oriented language with real world examples,we ensure to not to be misunderstood.
  • Get surprised with new challenging excercises
  • The most complete guide of Ruby language , we don’t miss any subject
  • The most important: Think like a programmer and learn to solve problem in more than one way.

Do I need something?

You don’t need nothing actually, you have a computer and download the open source Ruby (free).

We will not force you to use any IDE,package,hosting,membership,because we want that you learn to use the free tools that an open source language like Ruby gives you.

We hope you enjoy the course!

What are the requirements?

  • No internet conection required
  • Access to a computer (Windows,Mac,Linux)
  • Download the last version of Ruby (it’s open source ,free)
  • Logical thinking is preferred but not required.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 124 lectures and 8 hours of content!
  • Build their programming skills
  • Learn to solve the same problem in more than one way
  • Learn the object-oriented language Ruby

What is the target audience?

  • If you’re a beginner is good for you because we explain step by step
  • If you have previous programming experience this course if for you ,we will teach you Ruby,which is more fun and useful
  • If you´re an expert ,this course is not for you,but is interesting how many experts told me that learn some things when they take a look to the concepts,giving them new perspectives

Table of Contents

Installing Ruby
Welcome & Introduction
Before you get started (don’t skip this lecture!)
Overview to student dashboard
Download Ruby Installer
Install Ruby for Windows
Watch the version of Ruby
Setup Ruby for Mac
Install Ruby for Mac

Playing with code
Ruby feels like english – Program N°01 : Your name 10 times
“Hello World!”
How to use the irb (Interactive Ruby) correctly
The Kernel method – Program : Four ways to say “Hello!”
Fix numbers ,floating and maths

Class and Objects
How Ruby read Objects
String class and his methods – Program: Playing with “Cuasimodo”
Class Basic Explanation – Program N°05 Creating a simple profile folder
Class Basic Explanation
Inherited classes – Program N° 06 Dogs, cats and snakes
Running Methods -Program N° 07 Making your dog barks
Summary : class ,objects ,methods and variables

Data,Expressions and Flow Control
The Building blocks of Ruby
The_building_blocks_of Ruby
Numbers,expresions,variables and comparisons – Program N° 08 You’re a teenager
Numbers,expresions,variables and comparison
Looping with numbers iterators – Program N°09 Zero to one …hundred
Looping with numbers iterators
Floating,integers and constant – Program N°10 Float with numbers
Floating,integers and constant
String ,expressions and interpolation
Strings, expressions and interpolations
ASCCII_and_conversion_of_characters -Program N°11 Your name in binary
1_ASCII _Binary _representations_and_characters
Other interpolation methods – Program N° 12 Numbers with strings
Other interpolation methods
Substitutions and regular expressions- Program N° 13 “Cuasimodo is a test”
Substitutions and regular expressions
Substitutions and regular expressions chart
Iterations with regular and sub-expressions -Program N°14 Scan your writing
Matching_operators_and_methods – Program N° 15 Your name contain vowels ?

Arrays : Operations and methods
Arrays 101 : basic of arrays and elements -Program N°16 Your first array
Spliting_Strings_into_Arrays – Program N°17 Show me the array
Array Iterations and methods -Program N°18 Hacking arrays
Other_Array_Methods – Program N°19 Ask the array
A useful shortcut way to build arrays

Hashes : Diccionaries and methods
Basic Hash Methods – Program N°20 Ask the hash
Basic Hash Methods
Hashes within hashes – Program N°21 The most bigger hash in world
Hashes within hashes

Flow Control
If unless and else -Program N°22 You’re too young to get drunk
if unless and else
Elsif and case – Program N°23 The color of your fruit
Elsif and case
While and until – Program N°24 Count things for me please
Ranges – Program N°25 From A to Z
Symbols and his immutability
Symbols and reducing code

Putting Everyting together
How to Install Sublime Text
How to Download and Install Sublime Text
How to create ruby files in your computer
Ruby Application description : A text analyzer
Getting some text
Text Oliver
Loading Text Files
Counting Lines of the text file
Adding _variable_to_count_characters

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