Unreal Engine 5 C++ The Ultimate Game Developer Course

Unreal Engine 5 C++ The Ultimate Game Developer Course

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Learn Unreal Engine 5 C++ Programming by Creating an Action-RPG Style Open World Game!

Learn Unreal Engine 5 C++ Programming by Creating an Action-RPG Style Open World Game!

This course will take you from beginner to hero as we create everything in this course project from scratch. Learn Unreal Engine 5’s new features from Open World maps, Quixel Bridge megascans for ultra-realistic environments, landscape sculpting and painting, dungeons, free-roaming creatures and humanoids with various weapons, breakable objects that spawn treasure, and more!

Slay your way through your open world level, hacking and slashing creatures, breaking pots and collecting treasure and souls, and try to keep your health and stamina high!

We will implement enemy behavior that can be reused for various creature types, including gruntlings, raptors, insects, and golems. Code your character to be able to pick up and equip better and better weapons as she slays stronger and stronger monsters and collects loot.

We will cover new Unreal Engine 5 features such as Motion Warping, Meta Sounds, Linked Anim Graphs, UE5’s new retargeting system with IK Rigs and IK Retargeters, Leg IK with Control Rigs, visual effect creation in Niagara, and more!

We’ll start with a completely empty level and add everything from sky and atmosphere, nature, trees and plants, and we’ll even import an entire dungeon level with the use of UE5’s new Packed Level Instance feature.

We will cover vectors and game development mathematics in a full math section to prepare you for gameplay programming before diving in and creating our first C++ class.

We will then learn Unreal Engine’s class hierarchy, creating a basic Actor, learning about trigonometry as we use the sine function to give our items floating behavior.

We then create a Bird using the Pawn class so we can fly around our level and get a literal bird’s-eye view.

We then create our Character class, using Echo from the Valley of the Ancient Epic-released free project, a beautiful and lifelike humanoid with cloth physics on her scarf and garments.

We implement weapon equipping and combat. We learn how to calculate directional hit reactions, using root motion animations to make our enemies stumble in the correct direction based on the direction of impact.

We give our enemies patrolling behavior, then chasing and attacking behavior. We make our enemies smarter with the use of UE5’s new Motion Warping system, warping our enemy’s location and rotation to make it hit the target more frequently, and making it harder to move out of harm’s way.

We then give Echo a fighting chance, by implementing a dodge ability, similar to Dark Souls and Elden Ring. She can dodge out of the way while the enemy swings fervently, making them miss so we can move in to counter-attack.

We make breakable pots and vases using the Chaos destruction system, and these breakables spawn treasure when we break them, allowing us to collect loot and increment our gold count in the HUD.

We create a beautiful Soul effect in Niagara, and make enemies spawn souls upon death so we can gain experience points.

We learn how to make enemies stronger with an Attribute component, giving them varying levels of health and damage, and soul spawn counts.

We use UE5’s new Animation Blueprint Templates to reuse all of our enemy code to create different types of enemies, from humanoids that wield weapons to creatures that bite, sting, and smash.

Get your RPG project started with this amazing course, which is the product of nearly a decade of professional Unreal Engine experience and teaching.

This course is in a whole new universe than the original UE4 version I created four years ago! Benefit from years of learning, teaching, and implementing Unreal’s newly evolved system with its cutting-edge game creation capabilities!

This is my most well-taught course yet, and by far the most beautiful game project of all my courses on Udemy thus far.

Join me and let’s have a ton of fun creating the start of an action RPG hack-and-slash Open World game in Unreal Engine 5!

What you’ll learn

  • How to code games in Unreal Engine 5
  • An RPG action game with a third-person character
  • Combat with swords and other melee weapons
  • Creation of enemies that attack the player
  • Health bars and player stats
  • Unreal Engine 5’s Open World system
  • Level design and creation of realistic scenes with Quixel Megascans
  • Motion Warping, Unreal Engine 5’s new system for customized root motion animations
  • Particle effects like blood splatter and weapon trails
  • Unreal Engine 5’s new MetaSounds system and high-quality sounds in game
  • Best coding practices for coding games in Unreal Engine 5
  • Use of data structures and algorithms for games
  • Design patterns used in Unreal Engine
  • Creation of multiple types of enemies, from humanoids wielding weapons to monsters and other creatures
  • Importing entire dungeon levels into our Open World map with Packed Level Instances
Table of Contents

Getting Started
1 Introduction
2 How to Get Help
3 Installing Unreal Engine 5
4 The Level Editor Viewport
5 View Modes
6 Object Manipulation
7 Panels
8 Section 1 Challenge

Realistic Landscapes
9 Quixel Bridge
10 Open World
11 Lighting and Atmosphere
12 Landscape
13 Landscape Material
14 Landscape Painting
15 Foliage Painting
16 More Foliage Painting
17 Post Process Volume
18 Forest Polish Up
19 If You Get This Popup While Migrating…
20 Packed Level Actors
21 Mountains
22 Level Instances
23 Section 2 Challenge

Vectors, Rotators, and Trigonometry
24 Coordinates
25 Vectors
26 Vector Examples
27 Vector Operations
28 Vector Operations Examples
29 Vector Magnitude
30 Vector Magnitude Examples
31 Vector Normalization
32 Rotators
33 Section 3 Challenge

C++ in Unreal Engine
34 Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
35 Setting up Visual Studio
36 C++ Refresher
37 Reflection and Garbage Collection
38 Section 4 Challenge

The Actor Class
39 Actor Creation
40 Blueprint Creation
41 Onscreen Debug Messages
42 Formatting Strings
43 Drawing Debug Spheres
44 Drawing Debug Lines
45 Drawing Debug Points
46 Custom Header Files
47 Section 5 Challenge

Moving Objects With Code
48 SetActorLocation
49 SetActorRotation
50 Actor World Offset
51 Trig Functions
52 The Sine Function
53 Exposing Variables to Blueprint
54 Visible But Not Editable
55 Exposing Variables to the Event Graph
56 Exposing Functions to Blueprint
57 Template Functions
58 Components
59 Components in C++
60 Section 6 Challenge

The Pawn Class
61 The Pawn Class
62 Capsule Component
63 Forward Declaration
64 Skeletal Mesh Components
65 Enhanced Input
66 Binding Inputs
67 Enhanced Input for Movement
68 Adding Movement Input
69 Camera and Spring Arm
70 Enhanced Input for Controller Input
71 Adding Controller Input
72 Setting the Default Pawn
73 Section 7 Challenge

The Character Class
74 The Character Class
75 Enhanced Input for the Character
76 Character Inputs
77 Character Camera and SpringArm
78 The Rotation Matrix
79 Controller Directions
80 Hair and Eyebrows
81 Custom Hair Color
82 Section 8 Challenge

The Animation Blueprint
83 The Animation Blueprint
84 The Anim Instance
85 Jumping
86 Jump Animations
87 Inverse Kinematics
88 Section 9 Challenge

Collision and Overlaps
89 Collision Presets
90 Overlap Events
91 Delegates
92 On Component Begin Overlap
93 On Component End Overlap
94 Section 10 Challenge

The Weapon Class
95 The Weapon Class
96 Sockets
97 Downloading Animations
98 IK Rig
99 IK Retargeter
100 Attaching the Sword
101 Picking Up Items
102 Enum for Character State
103 Switching Animation Poses
104 Equipped Animations
105 Multiple Animation Blueprints
106 Section 11 Challenge

107 Animation Montages
108 Playing Montages from C++
109 Attacking State
110 Resetting the Action State
111 Item State
112 Sound Notifies and Meta Sounds
113 Meta Sounds for Footsteps
114 Fixing Foot Placement
115 Putting the Sword Away
116 Playing Arm and Disarm Animations
117 Attaching the Sword to the Back
118 Equip and Unequip Sounds
119 Editing Animations
120 Section 12 Challenge Option A
121 Section 12 Challenge Option B

Weapon Mechanics
122 Collision Box
123 Tracing
124 Box Trace in C++
125 Dynamic Arrays
126 Disabling Weapon Box Collision
127 Unreal Interfaces
128 Enemies
129 Notes on the Blender Addon
130 Root Motion Animations
131 Implementing Interfaces
132 Hit React Montage
133 Playing the Hit React Montage
134 Dot Product
135 Cross Product
136 Directional Hit Reactions
137 One Hit Per Swing
138 Hit Sounds
139 Hit Particles
140 Weapon Trails
141 Section 13 Challenge

Breakable Actors
142 Destructible Meshes
143 Field System Actors
144 Creating Fields with Weapons
145 Breakable Actor
146 Blueprint Native Event
147 Breaking Sounds
148 Section 14 Challenge

149 Treasure
150 Spawning Actors
151 Spawning Actors from C++
152 Different Types of Treasure
153 Different Types of Breakables
154 Niagara Effects
155 Niagara Components
156 Section 15 Challenge

157 Actor Components
158 Widget Components
159 User Widget Class
160 Setting the Health Percent
161 Damage
162 Custom Health Bars
163 Enemy Death Animations
164 Enemy Death
165 Death Poses
166 Polishing Enemy Death
167 Section 16 Challenge

Enemy Behavior
168 Making Enemies Move
169 Enemy Movement Anims
170 Blendspaces
171 Patrol Targets
172 Selecting Patrol Targets
173 Patrol Wait Time
174 Pawn Sensing Component
175 Enemy States
176 Enemies Losing Interest
177 Attack Radius
178 Agro When Hit
179 Weapon Alterations
180 Section 17 Challenge

Enemy Attacks
181 Using Inheritance
182 Enemy Base Blueprint
183 Enemy Weapon
184 Enemy Attack Montage
185 Enemy Attack Timer
186 Refactoring Montage Functions
187 Engaged State
188 Finishing Refactoring
189 Hitting the Character
190 Section 18 Challenge

Smarter Enemies
191 IK Rig for the Paladin
192 Echo Hit React Montage
193 Echo Gets Hit
194 Hit Reaction State
195 Improving Directional Hit React
196 Root Motion Attacks
197 Motion Warping
198 Fixing Warp Targets
199 Section 19 Challenge

Echo’s Attributes
200 Echo’s Health
201 Echo Health Bar
202 Slash Overlay
203 SlashHUD
204 Setting the HUD from C++
205 Updating HUD Health
206 Echo’s Death Montage
207 Playing Echo’s Death Montage
208 Stop Enemy Attacks
209 Section 20 Challenge

Souls and Stamina
210 Souls Niagara System
211 Soul Class
212 Pickup Interface
213 Soul Pickup Effects
214 Soul and Gold Attributes
215 Enemies Spawning Souls
216 Dodge Animation
217 Dodge Montage
218 Stamina
219 Section 21 Challenge

Multiple Types of Enemies
220 Animation Blueprint Templates
221 Raptor
222 Raptor Attacks
223 Raptor Attack Montage
224 Raptor Hit React
225 Raptor Sound Effects
226 Insect
227 Soul Drift
228 Assignment – New Enemies
229 Section 21 Challenge
230 My Level and Course Conclusion
231 Bonus Lecture Coming Soon! Congratulations!!!