Translation Tools and Technologies

Translation Tools and Technologies

English | 2023 | ISBN: 978-0367750329 | 248 Pages | PDF | 15 MB

To trainee translators and established professionals alike, the range of tools and technologies now available, and the speed with which they change, can seem bewildering. This state-of-the-art, copiously illustrated textbook offers a straightforward and practical guide to translation tools and technologies.

Demystifying the workings of computer-assisted translation (CAT) and machine translation (MT) technologies, Translation Tools and Technologies offers clear step-by-step guidance on how to choose suitable tools (free or commercial) for the task in hand and quickly get up to speed with them, using examples from a wide range of languages. Translator trainers will also find it invaluable when constructing or updating their courses. This unique book covers many topics in addition to text translation. These include the history of the technologies, project management, terminology research and corpora, audiovisual translation, website, software and games localisation, and quality assurance. Professional workflows are at the heart of the narrative, and due consideration is also given to the legal and ethical questions arising from the reuse of translation data.

With targeted suggestions for further reading at the end of each chapter to guide users in deepening their knowledge, this is the essential textbook for all courses in translation and technology within translation studies and translator training.