Transitioning from Java to Go

Transitioning from Java to Go

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If you are used to working in Java but need to learn to code efficiently in Go, instructor Adelina Simion has you covered. In this course, she shows you how to learn Go quickly and continue delivering code at your regular speed in production. Adelina walks you through basics like program structure, running programs, declaring variables, basic data types, and pointers. She defines functions and walks you through how to use several of them in Go. Adelina goes over structures (structs) and interfaces, including call methods, modules, and interfaces. She explains data structures, such as arrays, slices, maps, loops, and ranges, then describes how to handle JSON. Adelina discusses sorting and searching, as well as CLIs. She steps through how to use unit testing in Go, then finishes up with a discussion of concurrency and generics that introduces channels and goroutines.

Table of Contents

1 Intro
2 Installation and setup

The Basics
3 Program structure
4 Running programs
5 Declaring variables
6 Basic data types
7 Pointers

8 Function definition
9 Multiple return values
10 IfElse
11 Error handling
12 Deferred functions

Structures and Interfaces
13 Struct basics
14 Methods
15 Modules
16 Interfaces
17 Challenge Temperature converter (CelsiusFahrenheit)
18 Solution Temperature converter (CelsiusFahrenheit)

Data Structures
19 Arrays
20 Slices
21 Maps
22 Loops and ranges
23 Handling JSON
24 Sorting and searching
25 Building CLIs
26 Challenge Vacation planner
27 Solution Vacation planner

Unit Testing
28 Unit testing basics
29 Table testing
30 Mocks

31 Concurrency and generics
32 Next Steps