The Python Book: The ultimate guide to coding with Python, 3rd Edition

The Python Book: The ultimate guide to coding with Python, 3rd Edition

English | 2016 | ISBN: 978-1785-463-396 | 180 Pages | PDF | 13 MB

In this revised edition of The Python Book, you’ll find plenty of creative projects to help you get to grips with one of the fastest-growing programming languages around. Its powerful functionality works brilliantly with the Raspberry Pi, but you’ll also find plenty of tutorials that focus on Python’s effectiveness away from the Pi. You’ll learn how to code with Python from the very beginning with our comprehensive masterclass, then go on to complete tutorials to consolidate your skills and become fluent in the language. Become a true Python expert with the wealth of information contained in this bookazine.

Get started with Python

  • Learn Python the right way with our masterclass

50 essential Python commands

  • Discover 50 commands every Python user needs

Work with Python

  • Improve systems and efficiency using Python

Create with Python

  • Complete fun projects and improve your programming skills

Also inside…

  • Program simple games
  • Create a graphical interface
  • Build an app for Android
  • Making web apps
  • 50 Python tips
  • Create dynamic templates
  • Make extensions for XBMC
  • Replace your shell
  • Scrape Wikipedia with Beautiful Soup
  • Build tic-tac-toe with Kivy
  • Create two-step authentication
  • Program a Space Invaders clone
  • Make a visual novel game
  • Develop with Python
  • Build your own blog
  • Programming in Python on Raspberry Pi
  • Program Minecraft Pi
  • Create Minesweeper in Minecraft
  • Raspberry Pi car computer