Technical WordPress SEO

Technical WordPress SEO
Technical WordPress SEO

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eLearning | Skill level: Advanced

Want to improve the search ranking of your WordPress site? Optimize it from the inside out. Learn technical SEO techniques that enhance the discoverability, structure, and performance of your website and get you to the top of search results. Madecraft instructor and marketing expert Brad Batesole starts with a general explanation of SEO architecture, which impacts how your pages are organized, nested, and linked. Brad then shows how to improve elements such as usability, media handling, mobile friendliness, and speed. He also reveals the technical tools and plugins that SEO pros use to improve performance and conduct diagnostics, such as web crawls and speed tests. By the end of this course, you will be able to go beyond keywords and optimize the very foundations of your WordPress website.

Topics include:

  • Exploring WordPress site architecture
  • Installing the right tools
  • Evaluating SEO plugins
  • Conducting an initial site crawl
  • Managing meta descriptions
  • Reviewing tags and titles
  • Changing permalink structure
  • Managing redirects
  • Migrating to HTTPS
  • Creating Robots.txt
  • Creating a sitemap
  • Choosing a good host
  • Configuring your domain structure
  • Configuring canonicals
  • Inserting structured data and schema
  • Optimizing images
  • Improving site performance
+ Table of Contents

1 Drive bigger exposure on organic search
2 What to know before getting started

Technical SEO Foundations
3 Exploring SEO for WordPress
4 Exploring site architecture

Technical Tools
5 SEO crawler
6 Chrome inspector
7 Chrome Lighthouse
8 Merkle
9 Google Search Console

Do-It-All SEO Plugins
10 Evaluating SEO plugins
11 The do-it-all SEO plugins
12 Yoast SEO
13 RankMath

Starting with a Crawl
14 The initial crawl
15 Fixing page titles
16 Managing meta descriptions
17 Review heading tags with Crawler
18 Review heading tags with Inspector

Managing Architecture
19 WordPress architecture with permalinks
20 Permalink best practices
21 HTTP status codes
22 Changing article and page links
23 Changing permalink structure
24 Managing redirects with regex

26 Migrating to HTTPS

Robots and Sitemaps
27 Robots.txt
28 Creating robots.txt via a plugin
29 Creating robots.txt via a server
30 Testing robots.txt
31 Sitemaps
32 Creating a sitemap with a plugin
33 Creating a sitemap manually

Site Hosting
34 Importance of a good host
35 Content delivery network
36 Setting up Cloudflare on WordPress

Domain Structure
37 Domain structure
38 Conforming to www and non-www
39 Creating www and non-www redirects

40 Introduction to canonicals
41 Manually configuring canonicals
42 Configuring canonicals with RankMath

Schema or Structured Data
43 Introduction to
44 Inserting structured data or a schema

Image Optimization
45 Reviewing image size
46 Using WP Smush to optimize images
47 Managing image alt attributes

48 Mobile-friendly test
49 Animations
50 Measure site performance
51 Setting up a cache

52 Next steps