Switching to Angular 5, 3rd Edition

Switching to Angular 5, 3rd EditionReviews
Author: Minko Gechev
Pub Date: 2017
ISBN: 978-1788620703
Pages: 280
Language: English
Size: 18 Mb


Switching to Angular – Third Edition: Align with Angular version 5 and Google’s long-term vision for Angular
Switching to Angular 5, Third Edition is the go-to book to align and get started with the Angular JavaScript framework. Angular contributor and international speaker Minko Gechev will help you square up and start building Angular apps and provide you an insight to the Google’s vision for the framework.
Align your work to stable APIs of Angular, version 5 and beyond, with Angular expert Minko Gechev. Angular is the modern Google framework for you to build high-performing, SEO-friendly, and robust web applications. Switching to Angular, Third Edition shows you how you can align your current and future development with Google’s long term vision for Angular. Gechev shares his expert knowledge and community involvement to give you the clarity you need to confidently switch into Angular and stable APIs.
Minko Gechev helps you square up to Angular with an overview of the framework, and understand the long term building blocks of Google’s web framework. Gechev then gives you the lowdown on TypeScript, with a crash-course so you can take advantage of Angular in its native, statically-typed environment. You’ll next move on to see how you can line up with Angular dependency injection, plus how Angular router and forms, and Angular pipes, are designed to work for your projects today and in the future.
You’ll be squared up and aligned with the vision and techniques of the one Angular, and be ready to start building quick and efficient Angular applications. You’ll know how to take advantage of the latest Angular features, and the core, stable APIs that you can depend on. You’ll be ready to confidently plan your future with the Angular framework.
What You Will Learn

  • Align with Google’s vision for Angular version 5 and beyond
  • Confidently move forwards with a long-term understanding of Angular
  • Use stable APIs in Angular to build future-proof, blazingly fast, enterprise applications
  • Work with TypeScript to supercharge your Angular applications
  • Understand the core concepts of Angular, aligned with the vision from Google
  • Be ready with Angular from any direction – whether you’re building new new apps with the Angular and
  • ASP.NET stack or upgrading from AngularJS with ngUpgrade