SwiftCoin | SwiftUI Cryptocurrency Mobile App | iOS 16

SwiftCoin | SwiftUI Cryptocurrency Mobile App | iOS 16

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Learn how to build a full scale mobile application with SwiftUI using the MVVM Architecture

What are we building?

In this course, you will learn how to build a cryptocurrency application that displays live price data. We will be building this completely from scratch, using nothing but SwiftUI and the MVVM architecture. This course WILL take your development skills to the next level, using the latest and greatest techniques in modern programming.

Prior Experience?

Some programming and basic Xcode experience is preferred. The course will move a little fast if you’re a complete beginner, but you will pick things up along the way.

Why take this course?

Learning advanced development skills should be taught using real world examples. This course will teach you how to build a fully functional app with SwiftUI, from complete scratch. You will be learning professional development skills, from a real life Meta Software Engineer. You will learn how to code like a pro, and everything will be explained in detail along the way. This will teach you to build production ready applications, that are easily scalable and maintainable. This also makes for a great project to add to your portfolio, which you can use to show off to potential employers if you’re trying to become a pro.

What will you learn?

  • How to build a complex User Interface with strictly SwiftUI
  • How to integrate a backend with a complex SwiftUI application
  • How to implement Model View ViewModel (MVVM) architecture
  • How to utilize an open source API to get our crypto data
  • How to structure data for clean and concise code
  • How to parse incoming JSON data from database
  • How to use Swift Package Manager (SPM) and custom third party APIs
  • How to work with Binding, Published and State variables
  • How to implement custom subclasses for clean and reusable code
  • How to create extensions and functions for clean and reusable code
  • Advanced level programming and app development skills
  • Advanced level User Interface Design
Table of Contents

Project Setup
1 Setting up our Xcode Project

HomeView User Interface
2 Top Movers UI
3 All Coins List UI

Networking Layer & Data Models
4 Fetching Coin Data from API
5 Building our Data Model
6 Updating views using our data model
7 Downloading Coin Images

HomeView Clean Up
8 Number Formatting
9 Dark Mode Support

Coin Details View
10 Navigation Setup
11 Coin Details UI
12 Coin Details Data Models
13 Coin Details View Model
14 Chart View

Finishing Touches
15 Number Formatter & Chart Styling
16 Loading Indicator & Performance Improvements
17 MVVM Breakdown