Swift 4 Protocol-Oriented Programming, 3rd Edition

Swift 4 Protocol-Oriented Programming, 3rd EditionReviews
Author: Jon Hoffman
Pub Date: 2017
ISBN: 978-1788470032
Pages: 210
Language: English
Size: 12 Mb


Build fast and powerful applications by harnessing the power of protocol-oriented programming in Swift 4
Swift has become the number one language used in iOS and macOS development. The Swift standard library is developed using protocol-oriented programming techniques, generics, and first-class value semantics; therefore, every Swift developer should understand these powerful concepts and how to take advantage of them in their application design.
This book will help you understand the differences between object-oriented programming and protocol-oriented programming. It will demonstrate how to work with protocol-oriented programming using real-world use cases. You will gain a solid knowledge of the various types that can be used in Swift and the differences between value and reference types. You will be taught how protocol-oriented programming techniques can be used to develop very flexible and easy-to-maintain code.
By the end of the book, you will have a thorough understanding of protocol-oriented programming and how to utilize it to build powerful and practical applications.
What You Will Learn

  • Understand the differences between object-oriented programming and protocol-oriented programming
  • Explore the different types that Swift offers and what pitfalls to avoid
  • Delve into generics and generic programming
  • Learn how to implement Copy-On-Write within your custom types
  • Implement several design patterns in a protocol-oriented way
  • Design applications by prioritizing the protocol first and the implementation types second