Swift 2 Basics: Learn to Code the Right Way

Swift 2 Basics: Learn to Code the Right Way
Swift 2 Basics: Learn to Code the Right Way

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eLearning | Skill level: Beginner

Learn Swift 2 Using this Course, Then Move on to Make iOS 9 Apps or OS X Applications!

Does coding scare you? Think applications can only be made by geeks? Well I’m here to change that!

Learn the basic concepts, tools, and functions that you will eventually use to build both desktop and mobile applications with the popular programming language, Swift 2.

This course is for complete and utter beginners to programming and Swift. If you don’t know what fancy words like ‘classes’ and ‘objects’ mean then this is the course for you!

Some Things You Will Learn

  • Variables
  • Functions or Methods
  • Basic Class Creation
  • A bunch of other useful things!

Table of Contents

Introduction and Setup
Introduction and Setup
What is Programming?

Starting with Swift
Variables in Swift
Operators in Swift
Homework – Make a Simple Calculator
Swift Cheat Sheet
Converting Variable Types in Swift
Comparing Stuff in Swift
Arrays in Swift
Round and Round We Go – Loops in Swift
Methods or Functions in Swift
Classes and Objects in Swift
Inheritance in Swift
Summary of The Basics of Swift Programming