Swarm Intelligence: An Approach from Natural to Artificial

Swarm Intelligence: An Approach from Natural to Artificial

English | 2023 | ISBN: 978-1119865063 | 256 Pages | PDF, EPUB | 13 MB

Swarm Intelligence
This important authored book presents valuable new insights by exploring the boundaries shared by cognitive science, social psychology, artificial life, artificial intelligence, and evolutionary computation by applying these insights to solving complex engineering problems.

Motivated by the capability of the biologically inspired algorithms, “Swarm Intelligence: An Approach from Natural to Artificial” focuses on ant, cat, crow, elephant, grasshopper, water wave and whale optimization, swarm cyborg and particle swarm optimization, and presents recent developments and applications concerning optimization with swarm intelligence techniques. The goal of the book is to offer a wide spectrum of sample works developed in leading research throughout the world about innovative methodologies of swarm intelligence and foundations of engineering swarm intelligent systems; as well as applications and interesting experiences using particle swarm optimization, which is at the heart of computational intelligence.

Discussed in the book are applications of various swarm intelligence models to operational planning of energy plants, modeling, and control of robots, organic computing, techniques of cloud services, bioinspired optimization, routing protocols for next-generation networks inspired by collective behaviors of insect societies and cybernetic organisms.


The book is directed to researchers, practicing engineers, and students in computational intelligence who are interested in enhancing their knowledge of techniques and swarm intelligence.