Still Searching for Satoshi: Unveiling the Blockchain Revolution

Still Searching for Satoshi: Unveiling the Blockchain Revolution

English | 2023 | ISBN: 978-1484296387 | 268 Pages | PDF, EPUB | 10 MB

We are at the threshold of a new area of the internet that promises to transform the way we engage financially and take the power of data and privacy back from big corporations and give it to the individual through decentralization. This is sometimes called Web 3.0. While Web 1.0 transformed information sharing and commerce and brought us giants like Google and Amazon and Web 2.0 unlocked the social potential of the internet and created Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, exactly what will come of Web 3.0 remains to be seen.
It is indisputable that the seed of Web 3.0 is the technological, social, and economic innovations that came together in Bitcoin and the blockchain technology it created. But where the first web iterations were relatively straightforward to understand, the inner workings of Web 3.0 remain more opaque and shrouded in mystique.

Current voices on Bitcoin and the blockchain revolution fall squarely into one of two camps; either technological “experts” who are all also invariably personally invested in the success of Bitcoin and the blockchain or “critics” who are typically deeply invested in the status quo and the failure of Bitcoin and blockchain. It seems like there is a need for a middle ground to provide the public with a more unbiased view of this important technology.
This book therefore aims to unveil some of the mystique and show how to unlock the potential of the blockchain revolution in a manner that does not dismiss out of hand even radical and outlandish ideas nor jumps on the bandwagon of hailing Bitcoin and the blockchain as the answer to all problems.

What you’ll learn

  • The nature of blockchain technology, how it works and what it does.
  • The history of the technological developments that lead to the blockchain.
  • A historical analysis of who the likely creator of Bitcoin is.
  • How bitcoin and cryptocurrencies fit in the history of human exchange.
  • The nature and history of electronic money.
  • How blockchain technology solves problems in a novel way and what it cannot be used for.
  • What web 3.0 could be.