SQL Server: Security for Developers

SQL Server: Security for Developers
SQL Server: Security for Developers

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Learn how to protect databases and preserve the integrity of an organization’s data by configuring the security settings in SQL Server. This course covers how to use built-in options on Microsoft platforms, including Azure AD, to secure database and network infrastructure. Learn about establishing users, assigning roles, and granting privileges. Find out how to prevent SQL Server from malicious injection by addressing vulnerabilities. Discover how to encrypt data at rest and in-transit. See how to build a robust security model for your applications. Additionally, learn how to encrypt connections and secure a network.

Topics include:

  • Building secure applications in SQL Server
  • Configuring authentication in Azure AD
  • Assigning user roles and privileges
  • Building custom roles
  • Creating contained users
  • Protecting SQL Server from injection
  • Identifying vulnerabilities
  • Writing strong procedures
  • Checking inputs
  • Using dynamic parameterization
  • Encrypting network connections
  • Securing linked servers
  • Configuring firewalls
+ Table of Contents

1 Build secure applications in SQL Server
2 Course software

Roles and Privileges in SQL Server
3 Logins and users
4 Azure AD and SQL authentication
5 Demo – Create a user in SQL Server
6 Roles and privileges overview
7 Least privileges principal
8 Building custom roles in SQL Server
9 Demo – Building custom roles
10 Predefined roles in SQL Server
11 Roles in Azure SQL Database
12 Contained users and their benefits
13 Demo – Contained users

SQL Injection
14 Overview of SQL injection
15 SQL injection vulnerabilities
16 Writing proper SQL procedures
17 Demo – Stored procedures vs. dynamic SQL
18 Dynamic SQL and input checking
19 Demo – Dynamic SQL parameterization
20 External protection around SQL injection

Securing Your Network
21 Network security
22 Encrypting connections to SQL Server
23 TLS 1.0 vs. TLS 1.2
24 Upgrading TLS with SQL Server
25 Linked server security
26 Demo – Linked servers
27 Azure SQL Database firewalls
28 Demo – Azure SQL Database firewalls

29 Next steps