SQL Server in C# : Create Database Apps with C# and SQL

SQL Server in C# : Create Database Apps with C# and SQL
SQL Server in C# : Create Database Apps with C# and SQL

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Learn Quickly ADO.Net with SQL Server Database From Scratch and Use it in C# by Phone Book Project,Dataset…

With my 20 years programming skills i’m with you to share my knowledge with you.

If you try you will learn using SQL Server Database in C# Application!

If you are beginners or student looking for a tutorial to create a Phone Book database in SQL Server and create a application for that in C# in simplest way!

I started from beginning and show you how to start working with SQL Server and create phone book database.

Then started to talk about SELECT Query in SQL Server and …

Then I talked about SQL ADO.Net and it’s concept and parts and …

Then i’ll talk about creating Phone Book project in C#.

Then i’ll talk about connect you C# application to SQL Database.

Then i’ll talk about create a C# App for phone book and show data in Data Grid View.

Then i’ll show how add Textboxes and Labels to show data!

Then i’ll show how to add New record,Delete and save changes in SQL Database!

Don’t hesitate to start learning SQL Server in C#!

Every thing will be discussed with sample project and you will have lot of fun within my course.

Say Hi SQL & C# world and let’s go !!!

What you’ll learn

  • Start Working with SQL Server 2014
  • Create Phone Book Database in SQL Server
  • Create Phone Book Project in C#
  • Using Table Adapter in C#
  • Working with SQL Connection String
  • Add Dataset and Datatable in C#
  • Working With Binding Source
  • Add Datagrid view to Form
  • Add Data Items Components to Form
  • Save,Delete and new Record in C#
+ Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 About Me!

Start SQL Server
3 Download SQL Server 2014 express & requirements
4 Install SQL 2014 express in Windows 7
5 Install SQL 2014 express in Windows 10
6 What is SQL Server & its structure
7 Common parts of SQL Server
8 What is SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
9 Customize SQL Server Environment

SQL Server Database
10 What is SQL Server database
11 Create SQL Database
12 Different parts of the SQL database
13 Rename and delete SQL Database
14 Default location of the SQL Database files
15 Different type of SQL datbase files

SQL Server Table
16 SQL table intro
17 What is SQL table
18 Add table to the SQL Database
19 Add data to the SQL table
20 Load data in to the SQL table
21 Change the design of table & save it
22 Rename and delete the SQL table
23 What is the prefix dbo in SQL table name

SQL Numeric Data types
24 What is SQL Numeric data type
25 Int data type in SQL
26 Bit data type in SQL
27 Tinyint data type in SQL
28 Smallint data type in SQL
29 Bigint data type in SQL
30 Float data type in SQL
31 Decimal data type in SQL

SQL English Text Data types
32 Section Introduction
33 Char data type in SQL
34 Varchar data type in SQL
35 Varchar(max) data type in SQL
36 Text data type in SQL

SQL Unicode Text Data types
37 Section Intro
38 nchar data type in SQL
39 nvarchar data type in SQL
40 nvarchar data type in SQL
41 ntext data type in SQL

SQL Other Data Types
42 What is GUID in SQL
43 Using GUID in SQL Server

SQL Database Working Tips
44 How to detach SQL database
45 How to attach SQL database
46 Attach SQL database without LDF file
47 Make SQL database offline and online

Identity and Auto Increment Column in SQL Server
48 Create sample database to set identity column
49 Add identity and auto increment column and test it
50 Identity column count in each table

SQL Date Time Data types
51 Date Time Data type intro
52 SQL Date data type
53 SQ Smalldatetime data type
54 SQ Datetime data type
55 SQ Datetime2 data type
56 SQ Datetimeoffset data type
57 SQ Time data type

Phone Book Database Project in SQL Server
58 Create phone book project database in SQL Server
59 Add personal columns to phone book table
60 Add contacts columns to phone book table
61 Add address columns to phone book table
62 Add identity and auto increment column
63 Add sample data and test our SQL table

Select Query In SQL
64 What is Select Query in SQL
65 Writing our first Select query
66 Use Select query with () to show all columns
67 Sort the records with Select query
68 Show specific number of top rows with Select Query
69 Show specific number of bottom rows with Select Query
70 Reorder the columns in Select Query

71 SQL ADO.Net Introduction
72 Add Debt and Income column to our database
73 Create C# Phone Book Project for SQL Server
74 Add Dataset to C# project
75 Add Table Adapter to Dataset
76 SQL Server Connection String in Depth

Query Editor in Table Adapter
77 Using Manual Query editor in C#
78 Using Diagram & Criteria to Create SQL Select Query
79 Finish Adding Table Adapter to Dataset

Dataset and Table Adapter
80 What is Dataset and Data table in C#
81 What is Table Adapter in C#
82 How to configure SQL Query in Table Adapter

Creating Phone Book Data Form
83 Add Datagrid view to Phone Book form
84 Resolve errors and create form again
85 What is Binding Source
86 Add All Textboxes & Labels to Phone Book Form
87 Adding Textbox & Label one by one to Form

Save Data in SQL with C#
88 Add Records to Dataset and save in SQL Server Database
89 Configure New , Delete and Save Buttons in Form