Spark in Motion

Spark in Motion
Spark in Motion

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Spark in Motion teaches you how to use Spark for batch and streaming data analytics. In nearly 3 hours of hands-on video lessons, you’ll get up and running with Spark, starting with the basic architecture of a Spark application. You’ll explore data partitioning and accessing common application state, and then you’ll deep-dive into using Spark SQL and dataframes for structured analytics. Finally, you’ll use Spark Streaming to handle and process real-time data flowing into your application.

When you’re doing analytics on big data systems, it can be a challenge to efficiently query, stream, filter, and consolidate data sharded across a cluster. Built especially for efficiently operating over large distributed datasets, the Spark data processing engine takes some of the weight off your shoulders. Spark features an easy-to-use interface, near-limitless upgrade potential, and performance that will knock your socks off. Spark simplifies your data infrastructure so you can focus on creating top-notch analytics.


  • Exploring the Spark Ecosystem
  • Deploying Spark on a cluster
  • Analytics with SparkSQL
  • Real-time applications with Spark Streaming
+ Table of Contents

01 What is Spark
02 Exploring the Spark ecosystem 1
03 Functional programming using the Spark shell
04 Rich programming using notebooks
05 Using RDDs part 1 – Features and creating loading
06 Using RDDs part 2 – Transformations and actions
07 Spark application architecture
08 Summary
09 Deploying Spark on a cluster
10 Scaling Spark applications
11 Making iterative applications fly
12 Accessing common application state
13 Configuring the Spark runtime
14 Monitoring and metrics with the Spark Web UI
15 Summary
16 Creating and using datasets
17 Structured processing using Spark SQL
18 Bringing SQL to Spark with the DataFrame API
19 Working with Spark SQL data sources
20 Interactive queries with the Spark SQL server
21 Summary
22 What is a streaming application
23 Understanding Spark Streaming
24 Programming Spark Streaming
25 Spark Streaming data sources
26 What is Structured Streaming
27 Building continuous applications using Structured Streaming
28 Summary and course wrap-up
29 Installing Spark
30 Installing Jupyter Notebook