Software Architecture: Breaking a Monolith into Microservices

Software Architecture: Breaking a Monolith into Microservices

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Microservices are the increasingly popular software architecture choices when creating a new application, but what about existing applications? Does it make sense to split them up into microservices? And how would you go about breaking up monolithic applications? In this course, Daniel Khan covers effective approaches for adopting microservices, taking a high-level look at the fundamentals without getting into programming languages, container runtimes, Kubernetes, or other technical minutiae. Instead, he takes a holistic approach to give you a general understanding of the technical and organizational challenges you need to address in order to successfully re-architect your existing platforms to microservices.

Table of Contents

1 Embark on a journey to refactor your architecture
2 Welcome to your new role!
3 Start with the why
4 Defining the project scope
5 Mapping out the current architecture
6 Design mistakes and how to avoid them
7 Refactor or rewrite
8 Choosing your first migration target
9 Splitting out your first service
10 Zero downtime migrations
11 Migrating interdependent, complex capabilities
12 Providing a migration API layer
13 What about the front end
14 Making the final step
15 It’s not just about code Meet Mr. Conway
16 Provide up-to-date API documentation with Swagger
17 Streamline cross-team collaboration with Inner Source
18 Continuous integration and deployment
19 Why you need monitoring from the very start
20 Apply your knowledge