Simulation and Wargaming

Simulation and Wargaming

English | 2022 | ISBN: 978-1119604785 | 464 Pages | PDF, EPUB | 41 MB

Understanding the potential synergies between computer simulation and wargaming

Based on the insights of experts in both domains, Simulation and Wargaming comprehensively explores the intersection between computer simulation and wargaming. This book shows how the practice of wargaming can be augmented and provide more detail-oriented insights using computer simulation, particularly as the complexity of military operations and the need for computational decision aids increases.

The distinguished authors have hit upon two practical areas that have tremendous applications to share with one another but do not seem to be aware of that fact. The book includes insights into:

  • The application of the data-driven speed inherent to computer simulation to wargames
  • The application of the insight and analysis gained from wargames to computer simulation
  • The areas of concern raised by the combination of these two disparate yet related fields
  • New research and application opportunities emerging from the intersection

Addressing professionals in the wargaming, modeling, and simulation industries, as well as decision makers and organizational leaders involved with wargaming and simulation, Simulation and Wargaming offers a multifaceted and insightful read and provides the foundation for future interdisciplinary progress in both domains.