Serverless Design Patterns and Best Practices

Serverless Design Patterns and Best PracticesReviews
Author: Brian Zambrano
Pub Date: 2018
ISBN: 978-1788620642
Pages: 260
Language: English
Format: EPUB
Size: 17 Mb


Serverless Design Patterns and Best Practices: Build, secure, and deploy enterprise ready serverless applications with AWS to improve developer productivity
Get started with designing your serverless application using optimum design patterns and industry standard practices
Serverless applications handle many problems that developers face when running systems and servers. The serverless pay-per-invocation model can also result in drastic cost savings, contributing to its popularity. While it’s simple to create a basic serverless application, it’s critical to structure your software correctly to ensure it continues to succeed as it grows. Serverless Design Patterns and Best Practices presents patterns that can be adapted to run in a serverless environment. You will learn how to develop applications that are scalable, fault tolerant, and well-tested.
The book begins with an introduction to the different design pattern categories available for serverless applications. You will learn the trade-offs between GraphQL and REST and how they fare regarding overall application design in a serverless ecosystem. The book will also show you how to migrate an existing API to a serverless backend using AWS API Gateway. You will learn how to build event-driven applications using queuing and streaming systems, such as AWS Simple Queuing Service (SQS) and AWS Kinesis. Patterns for data-intensive serverless application are also explained, including the lambda architecture and MapReduce.
This book will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to develop scalable and resilient serverless applications confidently.
What You Will Learn

  • Comprehend the popular design patterns currently being used with serverless architectures
  • Understand the various design options and corresponding implementations for serverless web application APIs
  • Learn multiple patterns for data-intensive serverless systems and pipelines, including MapReduce and Lambda Architecture
  • Learn how to leverage hosted databases, queues, streams, storage services, and notification services
  • Understand error handling and system monitoring in a serverless architecture a serverless architecture
  • Learn how to set up a serverless application for continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment