Serverless Architectures on AWS, Second Edition, Video Edition

Serverless Architectures on AWS, Second Edition, Video Edition

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Design low-maintenance systems using pre-built cloud services! Bring down costs, automate time-consuming ops tasks, and scale on demand.

In Serverless Architectures on AWS, Second Edition you will learn:

  • First steps with serverless computing
  • The principles of serverless design
  • Important patterns and architectures
  • How successfully companies have implemented serverless
  • Real-world architectures and their tradeoffs

Serverless Architectures on AWS, Second Edition teaches you how to design serverless systems. You’ll discover the principles behind serverless architectures, and explore real-world case studies where companies used serverless architectures for their products. You won’t just master the technical essentials—the book contains extensive coverage of balancing tradeoffs and making essential technical decisions. This new edition has been fully updated with new chapters covering current best practice, example architectures, and full coverage of the latest changes to AWS.

Maintaining server hardware and software can cost a lot of time and money. Unlike traditional data center infrastructure, serverless architectures offload core tasks like data storage and hardware management to pre-built cloud services. Better yet, you can combine your own custom AWS Lambda functions with other serverless services to create features that automatically start and scale on demand, reduce hosting cost, and simplify maintenance.

In Serverless Architectures with AWS, Second Edition you’ll learn how to design serverless systems using Lambda and other services on the AWS platform. You’ll explore event-driven computing and discover how others have used serverless designs successfully. This new edition offers real-world use cases and practical insights from several large-scale serverless systems. Chapters on innovative serverless design patterns and architectures will help you become a complete cloud professional.

What’s inside

  • First steps with serverless computing
  • The principles of serverless design
  • Important patterns and architectures
  • Real-world architectures and their tradeoffs
Table of Contents

1 Going_serverless
2 Making_the_call_to_go_serverless
3 Serverless_pros_and_cons
4 Summary
5 Understanding_serverless_architectures
6 What_s_new_in_this_second_edition
7 First_steps_to_serverless
8 Looking_at_logs
9 Preparing_your_system
10 Starting_with_the_Serverless_Framework
11 Summary
12 Testing_in_AWS
13 Architectures_and_patterns
14 Patterns
15 Summary
16 Migrating_to_new_microservices_gracefully
17 Summary
18 The_new_serverless_Yubl_architecture
19 Yubl_Architecture_highlights,_lessons_learned
20 A_Cloud_Guru_Architecture_highlights,_lessons_learned
21 Remnants_of_the_legacy
22 Summary
23 Lessons_learned
24 Processing_events_in_real-time
25 Summary
26 Yle_Architecture_highlights,_lessons_learned
27 Building_a_scheduling_service_for_ad_hoc_tasks
28 Choosing_the_right_solution_for_your_application
29 Combining_DynamoDB_TTL_with_SQS
30 Cron_job_with_EventBridge
31 DynamoDB_TTL
32 SQS
33 Step_Functions
34 Summary
35 The_applications
36 An_alternative_architecture
37 Architecting_serverless_parallel_computing
38 Architecture_deep_dive
39 Summary
40 Analytics_Service
41 Code_Developer_University
42 Student_Profile_Service
43 Summary
44 The_Code_Scoring_Service
45 Before_we_get_started
46 Blackbelt_Lambda
47 Concurrency
48 Optimizing_latency
49 Summary
50 Avoid_sensitive_data_in_plain_text_in_environment_variables
51 Emerging_practices
52 Summary
53 Use_EventBridge_in_event-driven_architectures
54 Using_temporary_stacks
55 Part_1._First_steps
56 Part_2._Use_cases
57 Part_3._Practicum
58 Part_4._The_future
59 Algolia
60 AppSync
61 Athena
62 Auth0
63 Cognito
64 DynamoDB
65 Kinesis_Streams
66 Media_Services
67 Other_services
68 Relational_Database_Service_(RDS)
69 Services_for_your_serverless_architecture
70 Simple_Email_Service_(SES)
71 Simple_Notification_Service_(SNS)
72 Simple_Queue_Service_(SQS)
73 Simple_Storage_Service_(S3)
74 Cost
75 Setting_up_your_cloud
76 Amplify
77 Cloud_Development_Kit
78 Deployment_frameworks
79 Serverless_Application_Model_(SAM)
80 Terraform