Server Side Swift with Vapor: Building Web APIs and Web Apps in Swift

Server Side Swift with Vapor: Building Web APIs and Web Apps in SwiftReviews
Author: Tim Condon
Pub Date: 2018
ISBN: 978-1942878537
Pages: 462
Language: English
Size: 58 Mb


Learn how to use Swift on the server!
Server Side Swift with Vapor introduces you to the world of server development with the added bonus of using Swift. You’ll learn how to build APIs, web sites, databases, application servers and use Vapor’s very own Vapor Cloud to host your solutions off-site. You’ll use many of Vapor’s modules such as Fluent, Vapor’s ORM, and Leaf, the templating engine for building web pages.
This book is for iOS developers who already know the basics of iOS and Swift development and want to transfer that knowledge to writing server based applications.
Topics Covered in Server Side Swift with Vapor:

  • HTTP Learn the basics of how to make requests to and from servers.
  • Fluent: Learn how to use Fluent to save and manage your models in databases.
  • Controllers: Learn how to use controllers to route your requests and responses.
  • Leaf: Learn how Vapor’s Leaf module and its templating language allow you to build dynamic web sites directly.
  • Middleware: Learn how built-in Vapor modules can assist with common tasks such as validating users, settings required response headers, serving static files and more.