Server Side Swift with Kitura: Building Web APIs and Apps in Kitura

Server Side Swift with Kitura: Building Web APIs and Apps in KituraReviews
Author: David Okun
Pub Date: 2019
ISBN: 978-1942878728
Pages: 305
Language: English
Size: 109 Mb


Write a full stack Swift app and deploy it to production!
Kitura gives you the power to create production-ready RESTful APIs written in Swift. Coupled with the power of Docker and Kubernetes, you can take your Swift to the Server and beyond!
Server Side Swift with Kitura will walk you through the development of EmojiJournal, a social network focused on your feelings. You’ll learn how REST works, how to document your API, how to set up an ORM and user authentication, and even how to create a web front-end as well as an iOS frontend! You’ll also learn about how to use powerful deployment tools to manage and run your API in any popular cloud that you choose!
This book is for any developer who has had some exposure to Swift and wants to learn how to use those skills to write code that operates on the server.
Topics Covered in Server Side Swift with Kitura

  • KueryORM: Learn how to map your Swift API to PostgreSQL, a very popular database.
  • The OpenAPI Spec: Learn how to self-document your API, and to provide a tool for rapidly testing and iterating on it.
  • Stencil: Use an open-source templating tool to create a web-app for your Swift app on the Server.
  • Authentication: Protect your Swift API from unwanted requests and learn how to apply multiple different types of protection.
  • Security: Demystify the world of TLS and learn how to secure communications to and from your server.
  • Deployment: Localhost isn’t enough; push your server to production with Docker and Kubernetes.

One thing you can count on: After reading this book, you’ll be prepared to take advantage of all that Kitura has to offer!