Senior Web Developer Nanodegree

Senior Web Developer Nanodegree
Senior Web Developer Nanodegree

English | MP4 | AVC 1280×720 | AAC 44KHz 2ch | 13h 30m | 4.62 GB
eLearning | Skill level: All Levels

Leaping off from where our Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree program culminates, this program is expressly designed to afford intermediate developers the opportunity to build on existing front-end skills and master the newest and most innovative technologies available. If you’re a developer with experience in HTML, CSS and JavaScript—or a graduate of our Front-End Developer program!—and are focused on securing a Senior Web Developer position, this curriculum path will ensure you’re supremely well-prepared to achieve your career objectives.

Built in close partnership with Google, the Senior Web Developer Nanodegree program emphasizes teaching the frameworks, techniques, and tools that make the development of progressive web applications possible. Your projects will be focused on using some of the newest features available, such as Promises, Service Worker, and device-level access APIs designed to develop Progressive Web Applications. Ultimately, graduates will emerge ready not only to fill important roles, but to drive innovation and lead technology strategy.

+ Table of Contents

1 Welcome to the Senior Web Developer Nanodegree
2 Nanodegree Orientation
3 Efficient Inputs Part 1
4 Efficient Inputs Part 2
5 Fast Forms
6 Touch Support
7 Introduction
8 Productive Editing
9 Powerful Builds
10 Expressive Live Editing
11 How to Prevent Disasters
12 Conclusion
13 Project Prep
14 Creating Promises
15 Chaining Promises
16 The Benefits of Offline First
17 Introducing the Service Worker
18 IndexedDB and Caching
19 Project Prep
20 Conduct a Job Search
21 Refine Your Resume
22 Resume Resources
23 Resume Resources
24 Resume Resources
25 Cover Letter Review
26 Accessibility Overview
27 Focus
28 Semantics Basics
29 Navigating Content
31 Style
32 Project Prep
33 Develop Your Personal Brand
34 GitHub Profile Review
35 Optimize your LinkedIn Profile
36 Udacity Professional Profile Review
37 Features of Single Page Apps
38 Examine a Framework’s Source
39 Angular
40 Ember
41 Project Prep
42 HTTP’s RequestResponse Cycle
43 HTTP1
45 HTTP2
46 Security
47 Project Prep
48 Ace Your Interview
49 Practice Behavioral Questions
50 Interview Fails
51 Land a Job Offer