Securing Software as a Service (SaaS)

Securing Software as a Service (SaaS)

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Software as a service (SaaS) makes up the majority of all cloud consumption, but guidance for cloud security commonly focuses on IaaS. This course is designed to help organizations implement security measures to mitigate the cybersecurity risks specifically introduced by the use of SaaS applications, which often contain extremely sensitive information.

Join instructor and cybersecurity expert Jerich Beason to learn all about the SaaS threat landscape, the security controls lifecycle, options for security tooling, and more. Whether you’re a cybersecurity professional working on a high-level IT team, or a career changer building up new skills, this course equips you with the technical know-how to start protecting your part of the SaaS app shared responsibility model.

Table of Contents

1 SaaS security course introduction
2 Why SaaS security matters

SaaS Threat Landscape
3 SaaS is leading the pack
4 SaaS risk and threats
5 Shared responsibility model

SaaS Security Controls Lifecycle
6 Evaluation Pre-purchase
7 SaaS asset and risk identification
8 Preventative SaaS security measures
9 Detect SaaS cyberattacks
10 Respond to and recover from SaaS attacks
11 SaaS government risk and compliance

SaaS Security Tooling
12 CASB Cloud access security broker
13 Identity as a service
14 SSPM SaaS security posture management
15 Security ratings

Bonus Lessons
16 Understanding OAuth
17 SaaS security use case Data storage and collaboration

18 You are now a SaaS security SME