Search Techniques for Web Developers

Search Techniques for Web Developers

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Effective search skills are often a key part of programming talent. In this course, instructor Morten Rand-Hendriksen highlights several search techniques that you, as a web developer, need to know. Morten begins by explaining where to find reliable information. He goes over several possibilities, including the original source, platform resources, status reference sites, and community resources. Next, Morten shows you how to master searches with search techniques for Google, other search engines, internal site searches, and GitHub. He concludes with a discussion of the developers behind every line of code and how you can enrich your searches for information through participating in and contributing to online communities.

Table of Contents

1 Finding what you’re looking for

1. Reliable Sources
2 Where to find reliable information
3 Straight from the source
4 Platform resources
5 Status reference sites
6 Specifications vs. implementations
7 Community resources

2. Mastering Search
8 Mastering search
9 Google Search 101
10 Filter by publishing date
11 Search engines outperforming internal site search
12 Searching GitHub

3. Community Search and Participation
13 Humans, software, and community
14 Finding your people
15 Ask questions and start conversations
16 Ask for help, directly
17 Share your knowledge

18 The end