Scripting Essentials for DevOps

Scripting Essentials for DevOps
Scripting Essentials for DevOps

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Master scripting in Bash, Python, and Ruby in one single course

Master the art of scripting with these popular languages in this comprehensive beginner’s course! The first thing any DevOps engineer learns is a scripting language to navigate through devices, software and servers. These are exceptionally powerful and are the basics of learning development. We will break down each language to help you master the fundamental concepts that the language is built on. The 3 languages that are covered are Bash, Python and Ruby. Bash is a scripting language commonly used for programming in Linux. Linux scripts are used for automating certain programming tasks. They can also be used to simplify complex tasks and also help solve real-world problems. While learning how to write scripts is easy, it is a little more difficult to write good and effective scripts. In this course, we focus on exactly that. We will show you how to write amazing scripts that can not only reduce repetitive tasks, but also can be integrated into your real-world projects. Python is another popular programming language that is commonly used for back-end development. An amazing feature of Python is that it allows you to do much more using fewer lines of codes. This course focuses on helping you learn exactly how to get the most out of Python. Lastly, we will focus on Ruby. Ruby is a dynamic programming language that focuses on simplicity and productivity. It was designed to support multiple programming paradigms, including functional, object-oriented, and imperative. It is used for building apps and websites on Linux and UNIX. This includes writing basic scripts, important syntax rules, automating tasks using code snippets and even writing codes for building actual products. At the end of this course, you will have not only mastered three powerful programming languages, but you’ll also be comfortable enough to actually start writing simple programs using these languages.

A complete comprehensive course to help you learn three of the most popular programming and scripting languages that currently exist. We have designed a course that is solely dedicated to helping you break down these three languages into smaller and easier to understand segments.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn to master scripting in Bash, Python, and Ruby
  • Learn to use them to perform Infrastructure management
  • Learn the scripting to handle DevOps tasks
+ Table of Contents

01 Intro
02 Bash – Variables
03 Important bash files
04 The bash_logout file
05 Foreground and background modes
06 Exit status
07 Standard input and output
08 Special files
09 Functions and loops
10 Python installation
11 Lists
12 Python for Loop
13 List comprehension
14 Python if conditions
15 Python dictionaries
16 Looping through dictionaries
17 Python functions
18 Calling Python functions
19 About Python modules
20 Ruby – introduction
21 Quoting and interpolation
22 Ruby arrays
23 Ruby hashes
24 Ruby code blocks
25 Ruby modules