SAP Fiori Elements: Development and Extensibility

SAP Fiori Elements: Development and Extensibility

English | 2023 | ISBN: 978-1493223732 | 440 Pages | EPUB | 21 MB

Take the guesswork out of app development with this comprehensive guide! Learn how to use SAP Fiori elements to develop SAP Fiori applications with minimal coding. Walk through the basics of SAP Fiori elements, including the OData standard, programming models, and development tools. Then, follow step-by-step instructions to build your applications using floorplan templates. Finally, learn how to deploy and extend your applications. This is your complete resource for creating and extending SAP Fiori elements apps!

  • Create SAP Fiori applications with floorplan templates
  • Follow step-by-step instructions to build overview pages, list reports, worklists, analytical list pages, and object pages
  • Deploy and extend SAP Fiori elements applications

Application Basics
Get to know SAP Fiori elements and how it works! Discover the framework behind SAPUI5 and SAP Fiori, and review the programming models and development tools that are commonly used to build SAP Fiori applications.

Developing Applications
Not sure where to start with SAP Fiori floorplans? Learn about their different use cases and choose the best template for your application scenario. Follow step-by-step instructions for building an app with each type of floorplan: overview pages, list reports, worklists, analytical list pages, and object pages.

Deployment and Extensions
Walk through instructions for deployment, whether you’re working with an on-premise, cloud, or mobile system. Then, see how to get the most out of your applications by extending them with filters, actions, and cards.

  • SAP Business Application Studio
  • SAP Web IDE
  • SAPUI5
  • SAP Cloud Application Programming Model
  • ABAP RESTful application programming model
  • Floorplans
  • Overview pages
  • Object pages
  • Worklists and list reports
  • Deployment
  • Extensions
  • Navigation