SAP Business Technology Platform: An Introduction

SAP Business Technology Platform: An Introduction

English | 2022 | ISBN: 978-1493222018 | 555 Pages | EPUB | 25 MB

What is SAP Business Technology Platform, and what does it offer your organization? Answer these questions and more with this introduction! See how SAP BTP serves as your complete technical foundation and learn about its capabilities for application development, integration, data management, analytics, and more. Identify business use cases and follow practical examples that show how to use SAP BTP’s portfolio to its full potential. Envision how SAP BTP enhances your business!

1. In this book, you’ll learn about

a. Architecture
Learn about enterprise architecture design. Build your IT strategy with SAP BTP by walking through design patterns and planning your development approach.

b. Technologies and Services
Explore the complete SAP BTP portfolio. See how SAP BTP supports database management, system and process integration, analytics, DevOps, and more as your unified technology platform.

c. Use Cases
See what’s possible with SAP BTP. Learn how to identify business gaps and follow concrete implementation examples to understand how SAP BTP could fulfill your organization’s specific needs.

1. Highlights include

1) Application architecture
2) Administration
3) User interface
4) Application business logic
5) System and process integration
6) Data integration
7) Analytics
8) Security
9) Application development
10) Use cases