Rust for JavaScript Developers

Rust for JavaScript Developers

English | 2023 | 17 Pages | HTML | 10 MB

If you’re a JavaScript developer like me, you might’ve been curious about Rust lately. A lot of modern JavaScript tooling (like Rome) is being re-written in Rust. This is because Rust programs compile to efficient binaries that run fast! However compared to languages with similiar characteristics (like C and C++), Rust is far more approachable and comes with built in mechanisms that make writing reliable code easier than ever!

Rust for JavaScript Developers is a new course that builds on your familiarity with JavaScript to teach you Rust. It covers language fundamentals, popular patterns in Rust and the package ecosystem.

Oh, and along the way, we’ll build:

  • An API server that reads and writes to Postgres
  • A simple Redis compatible key value store
  • A naive JavaScript bundler CLI