Running Jenkins on AWS

Running Jenkins on AWS
Running Jenkins on AWS

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eLearning | Skill level: Intermediate

Learn how to create and move a master instance of Jenkins to the cloud-based servers of AWS (Amazon Web Services). This course covers steps for setting up, connecting with webhooks, using a deployment service, and shutting down AWS resources. First, see how to create a master instance of Jenkins, including how to configure services and manage credentials. Next, find out how add roles and security groups. Then, watch how to deploy using Elastic Beanstalk. Finally, learn about stopping or removing AWS resources.

Topics include:

  • Creating a Jenkins master instance
  • Installing Java, Jenkins, and NGINX
  • Creating SMTP credentials for SES
  • Planning a build environment
  • Creating roles, groups, and key pairs
  • Creating a build server
  • Connecting a master instance to a build server
  • Planning a CI/CD pipeline
  • Creating a GitHub repository for application code
  • Deploying to Elastic Beanstalk from GitHub
  • Adding email notifications
  • Removing AWS resources
+ Table of Contents

1 Jenkins and Amazon Web Services
2 What you should know

Set Up Jenkins
3 Create a security group
4 Create a key pair
5 Create the Jenkins master instance
6 Install Java Jenkins NGINX
7 Configure NGINX
8 Configure Jenkins
9 Configure Simple Email Service SES
10 Create SMTP credentials for SES

Create a Build Environment
11 Plan the build environment
12 Create an IAM role for the build server
13 Create a security group and key pair for the build server
14 Create the build server
15 Connect the Jenkins master to the build server

Connect Jenkins with Webhooks
16 Plan the CI CD pipeline
17 What s a webhook
18 Connect Jenkins to GitHub
19 Create and test a webhook

Deployment to Elastic Beanstalk
20 Create an Elastic Beanstalk application
21 Download the application code
22 Create a GitHub repository for the application code
23 Create a freestyle job to deploy code from GitHub – Part 1
24 Create a freestyle job to deploy code from GitHub – Part 2
25 Deploy to Elastic Beanstalk from GitHub
26 Add an email notification

Shutting Down AWS Resources
27 Stop or remove AWS resources

28 Next steps