Ruby on Rails 6: Controllers and Views

Ruby on Rails 6: Controllers and Views
Ruby on Rails 6: Controllers and Views

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Build smarter controllers and better looking webpages with Ruby on Rails. This course teaches developers how to better implement controllers and views in Ruby on Rails 6. This is a foundational course to teach the fundamentals and best practices around these common programming concepts. Learn how to leverage the most useful features of controllers, including maintaining state with cookie and session data, displaying messages, organizing code, and using filters for routine tasks. Next, discover how to render different types of data, how to use view layouts, and how to incorporate assets such as images, style sheets, and JavaScript. Finally, find out how to work more efficiently with Ruby helper methods, which make common tasks like formatting text and numbers, date and time calculations, and outputting form fields easier.

Topics include:

  • Storing data in cookies and sessions
  • Using the flash hash for messages
  • Using filters to call methods automatically
  • Rendering views
  • Using layouts for shared templates
  • Incorporating images, style sheets, and JavaScript
  • Using images as CSS backgrounds
  • Preventing CSRF and XSS exploits with built-in tools
  • Working faster with built-in and custom helpers
+ Table of Contents

1 Smarter controllers and better looking webpages
2 What you should know
3 Using the exercise files GitHub repository

Useful Controller Features
4 Store data in cookies
5 Store data in sessions
6 Messaging with the flash hash
7 Log information to a file
8 Inherit common behaviors with ApplicationController
9 Use filters to call methods automatically
10 Understanding CSRF protections
11 Challenge Controllers
12 Solution Controllers

Rendering Views
13 Avoid double render errors
14 More options for rendering content
15 Use layouts for shared templates
16 Capture content for later use
17 Challenge Views
18 Solution Views

Incorporating Assets
19 Add style sheets to view templates
20 Use static image assets
21 Use images as CSS backgrounds
22 About JavaScript in Ruby on Rails
23 Manage JavaScript with Webpacker
24 Configure asset pipeline for JavaScript
25 Manage JavaScript with asset pipeline

Work Faster with Helpers
26 Text helpers
27 Sanitization helpers
28 Number helpers
29 Date and time helpers
30 Form helpers
31 Custom helpers
32 Challenge Helpers
33 Solution Helpers

34 Next steps