Rocking DevOps with Jenkins, Kubernetes, Ansible

Rocking DevOps with Jenkins, Kubernetes, Ansible

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Master DevOps with Jenkins CI/CD Pipelines using Git, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, DevSecOps, with interview guide

What will you achieve from this course?

Welcome to Rocking DevOps with Jenkins course:

  • Learn DevOps concepts
  • Master Jenkins in it’s entirety – basics, advanced, implementations including Kubernetes, DevSecOps, Ansible
  • DevOps pre-requisites included – git, linux, infra as code, and Kubernetes essentials all in one course
  • Tips, tricks, learning from real world Cloud Architect
  • Interview Q/A

What you’ll learn

  • Learn concepts required to master DevOps, all in one course
  • Setup DevOps CI/CD pipelines to build and deploy real-world projects
  • DevOps prerequisites included – Linux, Git, Infra as Code, and Kubernetes essentials
  • Interview guide to ace your DevOps interview
Table of Contents

DevOps Fundamentals
1 DevOps What and Why
2 DevOps Benefits
3 Challenges of DevOps
4 Important CI vs CD vs CD
5 Different DevOps Tools
6 Different DevOps Pipelines
7 Important DevOps Learning Path
8 DevSecOps What and Why
9 DevSecOps Pipelines including Kubernetes
10 Which Chapter Next
11 Course Resources
12 Course Slides

Git and GitHub Basics
13 Quick Note on Git and GitHub Basics
14 Git What and Why
15 Git Vs GitHub
16 Git Workflow
17 Git Install and Setup
18 Important Git Workflow Demo
19 Comparing Files
20 Important Git Branch and Merge
21 Branching Merging Demo

Infra as Code Basics
22 How it All Started Infrastructure as Code
23 What is CloudFormation
24 Running Our First CloudFormation
25 CloudFormation Vs Terraform

Linux for DevOps
26 Linux Basic Commands
27 Linux File and User Commands
28 Calling APIs from Linux
29 Vi Editor
30 AWS CLI What and Why
31 AWS CLI Demo using CloudShell
32 AWS CLI Installation in Visual Studio Code
33 Find and Run ANY AWS CLI Command

Kubernetes Primer
34 Quick Note on Kubernetes Primer
35 In the Beginning Docker Container
36 What is Container Orchestrator
37 Kubernetes Introduction
38 Pods
39 Replicaset and Deployment
40 Ways to Spin Up Cluster
41 Intro to eksctl
42 Install eksctl
43 Spin Our Very First EKS Cluster

Jenkins Introduction
44 What and Why
45 Jenkins Installation on AWS
46 Jenkins Installation in Local Desktop
47 Jenkins Console Walkthrough
48 Our Very First Jenkins Job
49 Saving Credentials in Jenkins
50 Jenkins Plugins
51 Declarative vs Scripted Pipeline
52 Freestyle vs Pipeline
53 Freestyle Job Demo Copy Git Repo
54 Pipeline Job Demo Copy Git Repo

Jenkinsfile Pipeline as Code
55 Jenkinsfile What and Why
56 Jenkinsfile Structure Required Fields
57 Our Very First Jenkinsfile
58 Jenkins Permission
59 Writing Jenkinsfile the Easy Way
60 Jenkinsfile Post Section
61 Jenkinsfile Post Section Demo
62 Handling Credentials with Environment Section

Jenkins Commonly Used Examples
63 Build and Push Docker Image to Container Repo
64 Triggering one Job from Another
65 Passing Parameter from one Job to Another
66 List of all Jenkins Environment Variables
67 Running Shell Scripts from Jenkins
68 Important Build and Unit Test using Docker Container Agent
69 Parallel Stages
70 Triggering a Lambda from Jenkins
71 Inserting Manual Approval
72 Converting a Scripted Job to Pipeline Job using Jenkinsfile Script Section
73 Multibranch Pipeline
74 GitHub WebHook & Jenkins
75 GitHub to Jenkins Manual Submit Demo
76 GitHub Jenkins Automated Integrations using WebHook Demo

Run CloudFormation with Jenkins
77 Job Setup for CloudFormation Parameters in Jenkinsfile
78 Hardcoding CloudFormation Parameters in JenkinsFile Demo
79 Using Parameter Properties File with CloudFormation Demo
80 Running ANY CloudFormation from Jenkins

Run Terraform with Jenkins
81 Installation and SetUp for Terraform with Jenkins
82 Create and Destroy VPC with Terraform Jenkins
83 Provision Kubernetes Cluster with Terraform and Jenkins

Deploying to EKS using Jenkins and ArgoCD
84 Important Watch Before Doing Demo
85 GitOps Project Overview
86 GitOps What and Why
87 GitOps Real World Workflow
88 Resources for GitOps Real World Demo
89 Jenkinsfile and Dockerfile for the demo
90 GitHub and DockerHub Credentials Setup in Jenkins
91 Create Jenkins Jobs
92 ArgoCD Installation
93 ArgoCD App Setup
94 GitHub Webhook and Full Automation

Jenkins with Ansible
95 Jenkins Ansible High Level Flow
96 Ansible Setup on EC2 and Jenkins
97 Jenkins Job for Ansible

DevOps Interview Prep
98 DevOps Interview QA Advanced
99 DevOps Interview QA Basic
100 DevOps Interview QA Intermediate