Regular Expressions(Regex) – JavaScript – All Levels – 2021

Regular Expressions(Regex) – JavaScript – All Levels – 2021

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Crack any interview related to Regular Expressions (Regex) with 165+ coding exercises asked in fortune 1000 companies.

When I started teaching regular expression (regex or regexp), there were no sufficient resources! Being in this industry for almost 23 years now, and after exploring an ocean of digital content, I must say – Regex needs to be explained in a more simplified way.

Let’s discuss and understand a concept which is very important in the present scenario. I’ve seen students and even working professionals getting confused with the basic concepts of Regex. Having said that, I must also mention that Regular expression (regex) can be overwhelming sometimes. It is imperative for you to grasp the core concepts thoroughly at your own pace.

This is where my course will help you to clear your concepts by understanding the fundamentals the way they should be understood. The course will guide and help you in a step by step way to apply regex techniques and reach the desired solution. I have used more than 165+ coding examples to explain the concepts and included advanced level interview questions asked by companies. I will teach from scratch and bring you up to the level of an expert – Guaranteed!

It is best if you work in the JavaScript language as this course is built using JS. However, even if you work in any other language, you can still use this course to learn about regular expressions as the same regex pattern applies to many programming languages.

Connect with me if you have any questions/concerns/doubts and I’ll be happy to help you become better at programming. Good luck!

What you’ll learn

  • Regular Expressions(regex) is undeniably a must have skill for any programming enthusiast who wants to make it big in the IT industry.
  • After understanding the core concepts, you can apply regex to any programming language like Java or Python, C#, Javascript.
  • Current industry interviews related advanced coding exercises.
  • This course will help you to crack any interview round where this topic is asked.
  • Compiled and presented in the simplest of ways for you to understand and grasp the concepts quickly and logically.
  • 165+ hands on examples; Each example has logical questioning along with their apt explanation.
  • Once you are thorough with the concept; take the coding exercises to master your skills.
  • Ask me anything related to regex in the Q&A section and I’ll be happy to help you anytime.
Table of Contents

Regular Expression Series
1 Why Regular Expressions – The Regex Story
2 Introduction to Regular Expression

Character Classes
3 Regex Character Classes

4 Modifier m – Multi line search
5 Modifier s & (.) Dot character class
6 Modifier y (Sticky Modifier) OR (Sticky Flag)
7 Unicode Basics & Modifier u
8 Using modifier u with unicode property p

Sets and Range
9 Character Sets and Range

Quantifiers, Greedy and lazy behavior
10 Quantifiers
11 Greedy & Lazy behavior

12 Boundary Assertions – Anchors
13 Word Boundaries – b
14 Lookahead x(=y) & Negative Lookahead x(!y)
15 Lookbehind (=y)x & Negative Lookbehind (!y)x

Methods used with Regular Expression
16 exec() method & lastIndex property
17 match() & matchAll() method
18 search() method
19 split() method
20 replace() method
21 test() method

Group Capturing & Back References
22 Group Capturing
23 Back Reference

Coding Exercises
24 Validate whether the first letter of string is in uppercase or not
25 Validate that a string should begin with a digit
26 Validate that a string should have a word containing only digits
27 Validate that a word should contain only letters
28 Validate for all uppercase character’s in the string
29 Counting vowels & consonants in a string
30 Validate to find all the double words in a string
31 Finding a word of a specific number of letters
32 Validate the date format i.e, (mmddyyyy)
33 Validate the date value along with it’s format
34 Validating email address
35 Validating IP address
36 Validating credit card number
37 Validate whether string is palindrome or not using regex pattern