Refactoring to Modern Java LiveLessons: Getting the Most from Java 8

Refactoring to Modern Java LiveLessons: Getting the Most from Java 8
Refactoring to Modern Java LiveLessons: Getting the Most from Java 8

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eLearning | Skill level: Intermediate

Many Java developers today are working on applications written before the release of Java SE 8. Even after Java 8 is adopted for new features, it’s likely that these legacy applications will not take full advantage of Java 8 without significant refactoring.

In Refactoring to Modern Java LiveLessons, Java Champion Trisha Gee discusses the benefits of using Java 8 and shows how to identify code to refactor. She also demonstrates how Java 8 can improve performance and the benefits of applying Java 8 idioms. In this video training, Trisha provides hands-on techniques using a real application, Morphia, written in Java 6, to show when and how to apply the new features in Java 8 to an existing mature code base.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the benefits of refactoring to Java 8
  • Determine what you need to have in place before refactoring
  • Identify sections of code to refactor
  • Refactor code automatically and through developer insight
  • Measure performance of the code before and after refactoring
  • Weigh the pros and cons of the changes to determine what to refactor

Who Should Take This Course

Java developers who are working on an existing system. From a technical point of view, this is suitable for junior and senior developers, but senior/lead developers and architects will find this talk useful to decide whether to apply these changes in their applications and to provide guidance to the rest of their teams.

+ Table of Contents

01 Refactoring to Modern Java – Introduction
02 1.1 Why Java 8
03 1.2 Prerequisites
04 1.3 Project Code
05 2.1 Lambda Expressions
06 2.2 Collections and the Streams API
07 2.3 Getting to Grips with Optional
08 3.1 Performance of Anonymous Inner Classes versus Lambda Expressions
09 3.2 Performance of Lazy Methods
10 3.3 Performance of a For Loop versus the Stream API
11 3.4 Performance of Operations Performed in Serial and in Parallel
12 3.5 Performance of Optional Safety versus Comparing to Null
13 4.1 Do Java 8 idioms make the code more readable
14 4.2 Do Java 8 features give better performance
15 4.3 Does Java 8 make it easier to write code
16 4.4 Can code be automatically refactored to Java 8
17 Refactoring to Modern Java – Summary