Real-World Ethical Hacking: Hands-on Cybersecurity

Real-World Ethical Hacking: Hands-on Cybersecurity

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Protect yourself, gain the hottest new job skills, and learn the tricks the bad guys use – with Kali Linux & Metasploit!

Give Yourself a Huge Advantage in a High-Tech World

Quickly master new hands-on skills in Linux, Windows and Android hacking and cybersecurity.

Set up your own safe, FREE virtual network and VM (virtual machine) lab for Ethical Hacking on your PC, Mac, and Linux.

Protect yourself from viruses, phishing, ransomware, and other attacks by learning how the bad guys work, and how to stop them.

Includes Mobile Hacking on your own Android VM, plus Car Hacking using can-utils and ICSim on Kali Linux.

Great for beginners, or for capable computer users who want to learn both how and why to secure their data.

Learn to fix vulnerabilities, and how to stop 85% of attacks by doing just four things.

This is the security course everyone should take!

Packed with real-world, practical examples, real hacking techniques, and easy-to-follow plain English instruction, Real-World Ethical Hacking is the course for the new generation of cyber heroes, as they build one of the top job skills of the 21st century! With over 1,000,000 cybersecurity jobs posted in the U.S. this year alone, and over 6 Million openings expected worldwide over the next few years, now is the time to skill up in cyber!

I designed this course to be easily understood by beginners, with examples I use in my college information security courses and in high-school cyber summer camps. Whether you’re retooling for a career change, adding skills to your resume for a raise, or just getting started, Real-World Ethical Hacking is the course for you!

Quick, 4- to 10-minute lessons will get you performing real ethical hacking exercises in minutes. Over 75 video lectures and more than 8 hours of content will give you the practice you need to develop powerful new skills in cybersecurity and penetration testing! Protect your identity, your computer, your information, and your life – avoid social engineering, phishing, online attacks, ransomware and more! Plus, practical skills like:

Retrieve files from an old computer (Mac or PC, laptop or desktop), even if you’ve forgotten the password

Set up a virtual “sandbox” to safely open suspicious files without exposing your “real” computer

Learn command-line short-cuts and power tools that make you look like a computer wizard!

Understand how viruses and backdoors infect your computer AND phone, and how to stop them!

What you’ll learn

  • Secure your computer, your network, and your data from 99% of all attacks on the Internet.
  • Test for security vulnerabilities using the tricks the bad guys use.
  • Find and fix weaknesses and harden your computer’s security.
  • Avoid phishing, viruses, ransomware, and online scams.
  • Keep yourself safe online, at home, at school, or at work.
Table of Contents

Real-World Ethical Hacking 1 Hacking Windows!
1 Introduction
2 Overview What is Ethical Hacking
3 Hacking Windows
4 The Sticky Keys Hack
5 Burning a Legal Windows 10 Install Disc
6 The Sticky Keys Hack First Reboot and Exploit
7 The Hack (cont.) Second Reboot and Compromise
8 Hack Finale Logging in as Administrator!
9 Review
10 BONUS Mac Root Hack!

Create Your Own Virtual Hacking Lab!
11 Virtual Lab Intro and VirtualBox Installation
12 Building a Kali Linux Virtual Machine
13 Create a Windows 10 VM
14 Create an Android PhoneTablet VM for Mobile Hacking!
15 The Ultimately Hackable Metasploitable!
16 Troubleshooting VirtualBox on MacWindows (Updated 62020 for VirtualBox 6.1)

Important Linux and Windows Terminal Commands
17 Intro to Command-Line Linux and Windows
18 Basic Linux Commands
19 Command-Line Linux File Magic!
20 More Helpful Linux Commands
21 BONUS Fun Linux Terminal Commands (Optional)
22 Basic Command-Line Commands for Windows
23 Windows File Commands
24 Advanced Windows Command-Line Commands
25 Command-Line Review for Linux and Windows

Create a Virtual Network for Ethical Hacking!
26 Virtual Networking in VirtualBox
27 Creating the Private, Host-Only 10.0.3.x Network
28 Connecting Your VMs to the Host-Only Network
29 Creating and Using a Public NAT Network in VBox
30 Updating Kali and Windows VMs

Social Engineering Capturing Usernames and Passwords via Phishing
31 Intro to Social Engineering
32 The Social Engineer’s Toolkit in Kali Linux
33 Cloning Facebook and Harvesting User Passwords
34 Intro to Spear-Phishing
35 Advanced IP Address Masking Hiding Your Real URL
36 Crafting the Perfect Spear-Phishing Email
37 Capturing the User’s Login and Password in Kali
38 BONUS Cloning Twitter – Easy as 1-2-3-2!
39 Review Social Engineering Techniques
40 Stopping Phishing at Work and at Home

Recon Information Gathering, Scanning and Enumeration
41 Information Gathering Passive vs. Active Reconnaissance
42 OSINT (Open-Source INTelligence) Framework Domain Dossier
43 theHarvester How hackers find users and email information for phishing
44 Recon-ng Enumeration of servershosts with Recon-ng
45 nmap Active Scanning with nmap
46 Legion Active network and vulnerability scanning with LEGION GUI

Remote Hacking Win10 Attack Phase
47 Hacking Win10 The Attack Phase
48 Intro to Metasploit The Hacker’s Swiss Army Knife
49 Creating Your Own Virus with Metasploit
50 Sharing the Malware over the Web
51 Prep Win10 for Hacking USB, WebCam, Firewall and Antivirus
52 Infecting Your Windows 10 VM with the Virus

Hacking Win10 Command & Control Phase
53 Attack Phase RecapReconnecting in Meterpreter
54 Intro to Meterpreter Your Remote Attack Shell!
55 Viewing, Downloading and Uploading Files with Meterpreter
56 Stealing Screenshots, Keystrokes, and ,Webcams
57 How Attackers Steal Windows 10 Passwords Privilege Escalation
58 Defending Yourself from Malware Attacks

BONUS Section Car Hacking in Kali Linux!
59 Intro to Car Hacking!
60 Update Installing can-utils and ICSim on Kali 2020 and newer
61 Running the Car Dashboard Simulator ICSim
62 Capturing CAN Traffic with CanSniffer
63 The Replay Attack Replaying CAN Packets with CANplayer
64 Car Hacking Review
65 BONUS Reverse Engineering the CAN Bus
66 BONUS Hacking the Car Hacking Software, to 1000 mph!
67 Car Hacking LIVE on Dr. Payne’s VW Jetta Facebook Live Video from NCWA 2017

BONUS Hacking Windows 7 with Metasploit!
68 Intro to Hacking a Real Win7 Box
69 Intro to Metasploit
70 Setting up Guest Additions in VirtualBox
71 Creating an Exploit Payload with Metasploit
72 Sharing the Exploit over the Web
73 Running the Exploit to Hack Windows 7
74 Intro to Meterpreter Your Remote Attack Shell!
75 Privilege Escalation Gaining Root Access and Dumping Password Hashes
76 Metasploit & Meterpreter Review

Password Problems – Everybody’s Got ‘Em Hacking, Cracking, Snacking & Hijacking
77 Six Problems with Passwords
78 Hijacking Stored Passwords from Chrome and Firefox
79 Sniffing the Network Installing Wireshark
80 Sniffing Unencrypted Passwords with Wireshark
81 Cracking Passwords with Kali and Online Tools
82 Seven Things You Can Do for Safer Passwords

Web Hacking – Testing and Securing Web Applications
83 Intro to Web Hacking
84 Hands-on Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Attacks That Work!
85 SQL (Structured Query Language) Injection Messing with Databases
86 Advanced SQLi Attacks
87 Securing Web Applications from XSS, SQLi and More

Mobile Hacking on Android
88 Intro to Hacking Android with Metasploit
89 Creating the Meterpreter Payload for Android
90 Exploiting Android from Kali Linux using Meterpreter
91 Advanced Android Exploits Accessing Storage, Downloading and Uploading Files

Bonus Videos National Cyber Warrior Academy, Interviews and More
92 Bonus videos from the National Cyber Warrior Academy
93 NCWA 2016
94 NCWA 2017 Facebook Live Video on Car Hacking and Drone Programming
95 WDUN Radio Interview July 2017 on Cybersecurity Jobs and NCWA
96 Dr. Payne’s TEDx Talk on Coding and Cyber as the New Literacy