Reactive Programming with Node.js

Reactive Programming with Node.js

English | 2017 | ISBN: 978-1-4842-2151-8 | 153 Pages | PDF | 10 MB

This book teaches you how to utilize Reactive Programming (RP) for your back-end development with Node.js. Up to now, RP has most often been used in front-end development, but its revolutionary approach can also transform your back-end programming.
Using Reactive Programming with Node.js you will understand the paradigms of RP, why you should use it, and the variations available to you. You will learn how to use the main libraries necessary to provide this development experience in Node.js, including RxJS, Bacon.js, Kefir.js, and Highland.js. You will also create a custom library that provides the main features, and learn how to scale up a system developed using RP in Node.js.
Ideal for back-end developers with knowledge of Node.js or JavaScript, this book enables you to get up and running with RP in Node.js, and revolutionize your back-end development.
What You Will Learn:

  • What Reactive Programming is, and all the variations there are.
  • How to use the main libraries that provide this type of development experience in Node.js.
  • How to create a custom library.
  • How to scale up a system developed using RP in Node.js.

Any back-end developers who understand Node.js or are advanced enough to pick up the basics along the way. Ideal for developers who have an interest in learning about this different programming paradigm that’s being used more and more every day.