Reactive JavaScript Programming

Reactive JavaScript Programming

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Change the way you code: become efficient and up-to-date with an in depth coverage of Reactive JavaScript programming techniques

This video is a combination of the following three aspects:

  • Introduction to Reactive Programming + Rx in Depth.
  • Need for going Reactive, Understanding Event Streams, Getting familiar with APIs, and Building a BMI Calculator App.
  • Introduce Rx concepts and similar APIs across many languages, Covering the necessary operators, Examples of Operators and Streams.
  • Building a stopwatch app
  • Building an Autocomplete search box with Rx.
  • Creating operators and performing various operations such as transform, filter, combine, and error handling.

What You Will Learn

  • The power and ease of using Reactive programming
  • Thinking and modeling apps in the Reactive way.
  • Fully understand Rx js including its operators, subjects, and schedulers.
Table of Contents

Reactive JavaScript Programming
Building a Reactive Application
First Bite into bacon.js
The Course Overview
The Need for Going Reactive

Up Your Game with Rx
Dealing with Operators
Playing with Streams
Putting Rx in Context

Day-to-Day Rx
Building a Stopwatch Application
Implementing Drag and Drop

Know Your Operators
Click Control App
Combine Operators
Create Operators
Error Handling Operators
Filter Operators
Transform Operators

Make Your Own Observables
Adding Other Operators
Adding the Creation Operator
Error Handling and Completion
Observables as Functions

Master the Subject
Async Subject
Automate Subjects
Behavior Subject
Replay Subject
Stopping a Shared Execution
Subjects as a Hybrid

Types of Schedulers