React Simplified – Advanced

React Simplified – Advanced

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The “React Simplified – Advanced” course will allow you to deepen your knowledge of React and move beyond the novice developer level. This course introduces advanced concepts and approaches to developing in React.

This course will cover not only advanced React features, but more importantly will cover concepts like security, TypeScript, testing, and how to write clean code.

The skills in this course will set you apart from all other job applicants as most React developers never learn any of these concepts until after landing their first job. I personally didn’t even know what 90% of the concepts in this course were until years after I landed my first job and was forced to learn them on the job.

I can only imagine how much easier it would have been to land my first job if I knew these skills before applying.

Table of Contents

01 Welcome
02 Portals
03 forwardRef
04 Modal Introduction
05 Modal Walkthrough
06 Error Boundaries
07 Advanced Key Uses
08 Capture Event Listeners
09 Date Picker Introduction
10 Date Picker Walkthrough
11 useLayoutEffect
12 useDebugValue
13 useId
14 useImperativeHandle
15 useCallback As Ref
16 Infinite Scroll Project Introduction
17 Infinite Scroll Project Walkthrough
18 useEffectEvent
19 CSS Modules
20 CSS In JS
21 Utility CSS
22 CSS Frameworks
23 Comparing CSS Options
24 PropTypes
25 TypeScript Setup And Props
26 TypeScript useState
27 TypeScript useRef
28 TypeScript useReducer
29 TypeScript useContext
30 TypeScript Generic Components
31 Google Calendar Clone Introduction
32 Google Calendar Clone Walkthrough
33 Dev Tools Profiler
34 React.memo
35 PureComponent
36 Handling Large Lists
37 Setup Vitest And React Testing Library
38 Vitest
39 React Testing Library
40 Mocking API Calls
41 Component Testing Project Introduction
42 Component Testing Project Walkthrough
43 Hook Testing Project Introduction
44 Hook Testing Project Walkthrough
45 Router Testing Project Introduction
46 Router Testing Project Walkthrough
47 As Prop
48 Context Organization
49 Toast Project Introduction
50 Toast Project Walkthrough
51 Use Less useEffect
52 Controlled Vs Uncontrolled Compo…
53 Compound Components
54 React Folder Structure
55 Suspense
56 React.lazy
57 useDeferredValue
58 useTransition
59 use Hook
60 Async React Router
61 Async Routing Project Introduction
62 Async Routing Project Walkthrough